Motorola Moto G20 official with 90Hz display and 5,000mAh battery

26 April 2021
First sales are scheduled for later this week.

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  • Collex

The Nord 10 is a better deal and a much better phone all around.. I own it and I love everything about it. I play Call of Duty like a beast on this phone and no issues and the HD is amazing to watch, record or take pics all around the phone is the real deal for a great deal.. Wait for the Moto G Stylus 2021 5G coming out any day now, ainwoukf by that I already know it's going to be sick af!!!! Much love!!!

  • Juicypotato4521

When will Motorola slow production of the Moto g series phones. It's like a clown car

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021It's Battery technology can't charge batteries th... moreThe company doesn't want to give fast charging feature on the phone. This time is fast time running.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021Gurl, the Redmi Note 10 is garbage and the only thing good ... moreDo you live in some tech yellow pages complaining site that you know all about heating on redmi note 10 ? The sites is visit to get my fill of tech news dont complain about these issues you mentioning. Never mind that the broken record player about ads is getting very old and was already very old 2 years ago. Still i take you and your kind as trolls who are the broken record player that are stuck on complaining about ads. I dont know how bad these ads are on China version or India version. I have global version and i dont understand the ads issue you trolls are complaining under every xiaomi phone news in this site. And about the heating issue it seems to be more of a snapdragon issue, as it seems that all these chips have the heating issue on every other devices under what ever brand also.

Where are these complaining news about heating and every other issue you trolls cant complain enough ? Never mind that you can always flash new OS on the Xiaomi phones if the MIUI is so bad for you. It's not like other skinned OS dont have there own issues.

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021And here we have toxic comments towards a phone that the ma... moreNot if it's got a 720p screen. My existing Moto has a 1080p screen so it would be a downgrade to go to this one.

  • sq2013

XiaomiFan, 26 Apr 2021I mean yes its big but nothing special, all the good phones... moreYou answered your own question really. Look at the specs. Nothing else stands out as what you would expect from a quality phone other than the variable refresh rate and large battery. It's basically a very average phone with a big battery

motorola still running with the huge bezels and shitty notch then

  • Anonymous

I mean for that kinda range I say it's somewhere above average but nothing too crazy, I can find a phone with 120Hz display for just a little mote price and a bigger battery dozen always mean that it would last long, it highly depends upon how much of the power does the phone uses and utilize it. I would say it's a good phone but it's not bad either whether you buy it or not it's your choice but good to see Motorola is back in the market let's see how well does they do

  • Anonymous

I just noticed that this is the same price as G10. Compared to that it‘s a good upgrade with 90Hz and an upgraded SoC and a seemingly better front camera

  • Anonymous

Realme 6/7 better choice and clean UI faster performance.

sq2013, 26 Apr 2021Well it is really. It's a very big battery. Much bigge... moreI mean yes its big but nothing special, all the good phones have big batteries nowadays. Thats why gsmarena shouldnt put it in the title. Or there is nothing else good about the phone?


I think Moto ordered too many 720p LCD displays, they dunno how to get rid of it, so they are making as many models as possible with it.

  • Anonymous

The differences between the G10, G20 and G30 are minimal. Can't they at least make them in different size/weight?

  • Zero

Seems that the T700 is the T618 with a overclock.
Unless they add one more core and becomes a competent chipset.
Adding another one puts on a higher level, something below Helio G90T, but way above Helio G70.

  • Anonymous

wongwatt, 26 Apr 2021Well just who is it aimed at? €149 is the quoted price bec... moreGurl, the Redmi Note 10 is garbage and the only thing good about it is the screen. It's choppy as hell, people are complaining about heating issues and don't forget the overall buggy MIUI and the baked in ads.
I'm not defending this model but in reality, you'll be able to find this for probably 130 euros and it's a fantastic model for that price. The Realme 7i (aka Narzo 20) is around 170 euros where I live and it's not a superior device to the G20 :)
Oh, and the stock, ad free Android helps a lot too!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021It's Battery technology can't charge batteries th... moreThat myth is not true when the battery has smaller cells in a bigger quantity and the right technology. But it seems that Lenovorola put cheap old chinese batteries with old big cells as they also put slow charging technology.

  • Anonymous

NikiDroid, 26 Apr 2021Well, not interested anymore for me 10W charger. The batter... moreIt's Battery technology can't charge batteries that fast With out shortening the life or blowing up

  • hmm

wongwatt, 26 Apr 2021Well just who is it aimed at? €149 is the quoted price bec... moreRedmi note 10 is a bit more expensive like 40 euro more or something. Probably get Poco X3 or Redmi 9T or same as 9t specs Poco M3 for less money and you have SD662 with full HD+ screen and also both have 18W charging for there 6000mAh battery or 33W for X3

Anonymous, 26 Apr 2021Motorola belongs to Lenovo. Lenovo is Chinese. Unisoc i... moreWell that wouldn't help because Unisoc chips are made by TSMC in Taiwan - they'd have the same problem Huawei had if the US chose to sanction them.

  • hmm

I didnt know that Hz of the screen will sharpen the picture so much that on 60hz you play in a fog like environment and already 90Hz make the picture like sunny day.

And pretty much all low end phones are coming 5000-6000mAh batteries so where is the news about it ? These sizes of battery be a news only on flagship phones or upper midrange phones. And 90Hz isnt anything special also if the screen resolution is 720p plus. Never mind that the phone processor is so weak that probably wont get 90 frames per second anyways for even that 720p+ resolution so that 90Hz screen makes no sense also