Samsung Galaxy M42 5G listed on Google Play Console

27 April 2021
It's a rebadged Galaxy A42 5G.

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  • Nd

Samsung we are looking for snapdragon latest 4g cpu for galaxy m series phones and we don't like Mediatek cpu for m series phone.
We are looking for. 5.7 inch display phone with only one best camera without so many camera (so many camera are two much of cost for us when we buy the phone)
Other than those three suggestion no any other issues.
Well done Samsung, we like your galaxy m series phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2021Sammy is learning from these stupid chinese companies just ... moreWeekly/monthly release quotas.

  • Anonymous

Sammy is learning from these stupid chinese companies just renaming/rebadging existing phones. Please just STOP it!!


There it is , the trend follows, 5G Chipset + AMOLED screen + 48 MP camera + HD display???. Wait what??.. HD ??

Big floop

  • anonymous7

a fail before it releases

okey, 27 Apr 2021hd+ screen rip ignored so fast lolYep ultimate deal breaker in 2021. When Poco can put 1080p HDR10 screens with 120hz refresh and 240hz touch sampling (and I'm an unapologetic IPS LCD over eyestrain amoled) not everyone prefers headache inducing amoled (ok rant over) for under £200 just seeing 720p means instant no go!

  • Anonymous

Insane asking price for an hd+ display

  • okey

hd+ screen rip ignored so fast lol

  • Anonymous

No FHD screen?

  • Grooty

Why can't Samsung or other companies launch curved display smartphone in mid range segment. There is a lot of potential.

Samsung starts to going boxy in their mid-range segments. Nice.