Samsung unveils four Galaxy Book laptops: two with AMOLED screens, one with RTX 3050 Ti graphics

27 April 2021
The AMOLED models are available in 13.3" and 15.6" sizes, both are very thin and light.

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  • Anonymous

Wow amazing

  • Spike

The fact no 4k and seems to be no touch on the Odessy is annoying. And why there is no Wifi 6E!? Because flagships shouldn't be!

  • L

I. P. Suvedi, 29 Apr 2021WOWOWOWOW! ALL IN ONE!! FULLY LOADED!!! This was much need... moreI'm not an apple fan, but hear me out. Don't think only Samsung can grow. Apple can too, they are releasing the m1x and later m2x with 4 nanometer.

34SciencePigeon, 01 May 2021is there any real life proof over your journalistic informa... moreLook at the dozens of tests and benchmarks from Linus Tech Tips and notebookcheck, and see how Ryzen Mobile DEMOLISHES anything Intel has produced...

mdurgeshtela, 01 May 2021Okay I agreed they didn't show but then where to charg... moreIt will be using the USB-C port for charging. Very sure it will be the far left port on the left side.
And maybe they think because it already has oretty powerful nVidia discreet GPU, they ditch the Thunderbolt 4 capability. Or maybe they ran out of room to put the Thunderbolt controller. Who know? Only the Samsung hardware engineer know the real reason why. ;)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021Wanna hear a joke. .................. INTEL 🚮So what can an m1 do that an Intel chip can't??

Domestoboto, 29 Apr 2021TL;DR. Ryzen Mobile 4000 and 5000 RUNS CIRCLES around 1... moreis there any real life proof over your journalistic informative statements? Surfing the web is just good for support or decline.

Real life usage means, You, spend, You, work, You, experience with your budget not corporations statements.

Buy one, test conditions and then you yourself say whether it is better or worse.

Sam.Smythe, 30 Apr 2021Odyssey might not have any Thunderbolt-4 USB-C port. If it ... moreOkay I agreed they didn't show but then where to charge this laptop, I don't see any extra port to charge and what you think they remove the base port from GeForce RTX 3050 Ti Max-Q and 11th gen Intel Core i7

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2021Most interested in the Galaxy Book Odyssey, but there is no... moreOdyssey might not have any Thunderbolt-4 USB-C port. If it had one, they would clearly stated that in the spec picture. It would be a glaring missed opportunity not to state one powerful feature in product marketing announcement.

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2021Why Samsung & other Companies don't tried to intro... moreThere is a company that's been doing just that: GPD. Their availability is more broad than similar companies that sell pocketable PC.

Anonymous, 30 Apr 2021who cares the point is gpu wise the m1 wont suffice and can... moreFact is, heavy gamers don't game on Mac as they know the selection of games is very limited and the GPU is not powerful enough. But for those who creates (videos, photos, 3d renders), they would chose either AMD or M1 because the both AMD and M1 blew away the Intel counterpart even for just integrated GPU on both of their processors (just search YouTube real reviews on this aspect). The final decision for them is really their existing software collections and their workflows as we know macOS and Windows have some pretty different workflow, behavior and availability on each OS.

Man...the Odyssey is really nice. I'd love the fact that Samsung still offers one very powerful laptop with expandable RAM and SSD slot, something that almost any manufacturer completely abandon or only offering them in the lower end models.
But still, I can't quite make the move as I have invested a lot on macOS software ecosystem. Some of the software I'm using daily are either not purchase-transferable to Windows or not available on Windows.
For gaming though I couldn't care less since I've long abandon heavy gaming. But even if I do gaming, it would be more logical to build a custom desktop PC as the game itself will drain the battery faster than a thirsty man stranded on Sahara desert drinking (which means choosing from either unsatisfying game session or charging every so often thus shortening the battery longevity).

  • Anonymous

There's no way I will ever get a laptop with a 16:9 screen. Especially on a machine with a small 13.3 inch diagonal. You can't be productive with so little vertical space. The best laptops now have at least 16:10 screens. 3:2 is even better (HP, Microsoft Surface, Asus all have 3:2 options). Samsung is behind the times sticking with 16:9.

  • Anonymous

Why Samsung & other Companies don't tried to introduce a 7 or 8 inch pocket computer with calling facility. It will also have a market & there are people to purchase it.

  • Anonymous

Sdfdf, 29 Apr 2021""Apple M1 is faster and more efficient, but it&#... morewho cares the point is gpu wise the m1 wont suffice and can't play the games the 3050 will allow and even if it could play the games the m1 intergrated gpu is just around 2.6 tera flops versus 7.6 or 8.6 of the 3050 and 3050 ti

  • Thomas

I'll buy the 15" pro.

  • Uscire

That's not a laptop, that's a galaxy book!

  • Nykill

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021Apple comes with M1 soon M1X, Samsung comes with ports... 2... moreIntel........ Unfortunately
With a 5800u / 5850u, I bought direct

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2021Apple comes with M1 soon M1X, Samsung comes with ports... 2... moreOne would argue ports are kinda more useful...

This was much needed device for Android, Samsung And Microsoft!!! Perfect combination for other Sam devices.... Now Samsung has their own perfect ecosystem.
PREDECTION: in next 3 years Apple devices will go 50% down and those will be captured by Samsung. Note this!!!