OnePlus quadruples sales in Europe in Q1, two thirds of the revenue comes from the flagship series

29 April 2021
That said, the Nord series (the Nord itself mostly) has been a strong performer for the company.

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I do like OnePlus phones and having bought two of these phones so far I'd say they're quite exciting to use especially the software which could be the best part of it but lately the prices have been increasing to uncomfortable levels

NotAnOpinion, 29 Apr 2021It's very mysterious that OnePlus "supposedly&quo... moreWhy would they? There's already Oppo.

There are only 10 million OP users globally? I expected alot more than that.

Must read as:

"Our marketing campaign has been hugely successful and people are buying our smartphones because we have paid HasselBlad $150 million to use their name. Otherwise we are selling overpriced junk and we have completely abandoned our motto "Never settle" as our prices now rival the best in the industry."

It's very mysterious that OnePlus "supposedly" achieve decent numbers internationally but domestically, OnePlus sales are not even in the top 5 sellers in its own backyard.

Oneplus has a mission before making itself an smartphone company, to offer something no other company has. Yes, it has an price, speed, and software to make it stand out. But right now, Oneplus 9 series is charging you £700 - 1000 without offering anything different. So it makes no sense for Oneplus to appear at the Flagship market. As most of its parts have been seen somewhere else. The Oneplus we know is dead. But Oneplus is an excellent phone

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Very disappointing, for such overpriced products with shitty updates.

Are people idiots? Who buys this Nord crap? Nord is one of the worst release from OP. OP was only good until OP 6T or maybe 7 and 7 pro.

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Slowly brands are increasing % of high priced phone sold.
Soon, more brands are gonna give up the sub-$450 market, then sub-$600

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Looks like people are buying into the Hasselblad hype. Marketing works!