New nubia Z30 render shows off a cool dual tone design, the phone may support 120W charging

29 April 2021
The 120W charging tech will be borrowed from the Red Magic line. And according to one leakster, the Z30 will have a second screen on its back.

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  • sq2013

Demongornot, 29 Apr 2021Except that pop up/flip up/slider etc, have NO issues, ther... moreSo why are no big manufacturers using pop up or slider mechanisms? S21 range, no. iPhone 12 range, no. Xiaomi flagship range, no.

  • Anonymous

120W is true innovation

Demongornot, 29 Apr 2021"the first under-display 3D ToF sensor for face ID.&qu... moreDid u have the phone?
If not, wait and see how it will goes, maybe your right, mayby not... No matter what.

Personally i will like it no matter what, I never use the front camera at all, no selfie, no videos no nothing.
So this is awesome for me πŸ˜‹

Design looks uninspiring (though I love the color) but I still have high hopes for Nubia and this phone. Take your best shot, guys!

Love that colour but that's 100% a render and a low quality one to boot.
This tells us nothing.

sq2013, 29 Apr 2021What are they though? I don't there's much future... moreYou won't win the pop up argument with Demongorot - a total fanatic that one. Once argued that you don't lose any battery space to a pop up mechanism as though it somehow didn't take up any space.

sq2013, 29 Apr 2021What are they though? I don't there's much future... moreExcept that pop up/flip up/slider etc, have NO issues, there is much more people saying they have issues than the number of them who ever actually had issues.
We are almost at 3 years of pop up existence now and there isn't any sign whatsoever of premature wear, not of wear in general.
And keep in mind that most people replace their phone after 2 years, and almost all users have replaced it by the third year, and most brand only do 3 years of updates anyway.
The only jamming that ever occurred were basically all fixed using the self calibration feature.
Even now it is almost challenging to find any relevant number of reports about mechanical and non easily fixable (without opening the phone) issues.

The only issue of those mechanical system is the people saying they have issues, which is the biggest reason why they have disappeared.

Pop up gaming shoulders/triggers which I haven't heard of any issues about them are loved despite being mechanical, and foldable phones DO have issues, yet people think they are cool and the future, people will never cease to disappoint me.

  • sq2013

Demongornot, 29 Apr 2021"the first under-display 3D ToF sensor for face ID.&qu... moreWhat are they though? I don't there's much future in the mechanical slider or pop up cameras. I can't think of a big phone launched in 2021 that's implemented it. It doesn't work for most people really. Concerns over longevity and also potential faults with many units jamming after even small bangs of the phone. Then you're into puncholes, notches and teardrops. I don't believe that there's a huge appetite for them implementations either. People will put up with it alright but people really want an unblemished display a lot. Hiding it in the corner of the screen still makes it annoying and it catches the eye a little when viewing films or videos. The only other thing I can think of is a slightly thicker bezel at the top and build it into the bezel. Even that may prove difficult.

"the first under-display 3D ToF sensor for face ID."

Let's be clear, underdisplay camera give a crappy image quality, which for picture is just bad, but it isn't a concern, software tries its best to make the picture acceptable (yes the Axon 20 horror were AFTER the compensation).
But any face recognition require PURE/RAW quality, and as if it wasn't bad enough, the ToF is ONLY meant to be used as 3D face recognition IF there isn't the space to put the much better and superior in all aspects for that use, Structured Light (the same kind Apple and the Pixel 4, 4XL use).
I hope people won't take too long to realize that underdisplay camera is a HUGE mistake, at least the version that tries to see THROUGH the display, as there are much better alternatives that doesn't :
*Cost an arm.
*Give crappy image quality. And yes "It WiLl ImPrOvE" but it will always stay inferior.
*Have poor compatibility with 3D face recognition techs.
*Is a privacy nightmare, which is a more important thing than trends and hypes.

DanielSmith, 29 Apr 2021120W charging? Anything more than 30/40 has a huge chance t... moreDon't worry, it'll probably be 65W globally since China doesn't care about fast charging risks. Lol.

120W charging? Anything more than 30/40 has a huge chance to explode your battery lol

Nice color design ... I always liked their nubia designs!

  • Woohoo

This dual tone Orange colour reminds me of the Lenovo Vibe X2/Pro😍

Anonymous, 29 Apr 2021reminds me of old Galaxy phones. Note5 maybeur not wrong

  • Anonymous

beep bop boop, 29 Apr 2021ngl those flat edges look neatreminds me of old Galaxy phones. Note5 maybe

  • sayabosanhidup

hey there s a spelling error
development 'god' delayed

&anyway the trully bezel less displays on d zte
nubia z9 z12, 27 & z17s r really a master piece

  • hyhyhyhyhyhyhyhyhyhy

That's a nice phone: the camera bump isn't the best in my opinion.

ngl those flat edges look neat