Realme Buds Q2 are official with new design

29 April 2021
The audio wearable is already available in Pakistan for PKR3,999, which is about $26.

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I bought it on Dec 3, 2021. Still using it till now. It works very good with my realme GT Master Edition. Battery is very good lasting.

    Apart from no off feature on the headset it self, except putting back to the casing.

    I also realize the casing no low battery indicator

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      • calvynlee
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      • 15 May 2021

      This is my first bluetooth headset with such design, i found the size slightly bigger. Feel a bit not comfortable after wearing for a long time.

      I also found it don't have on/off feature on the headset it self, it only can off when insert into the casing.

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        • 30 Apr 2021

        Micro USB is not a cost cut but rather a discrimination attempt against budget users that they are using a low cost device. It is applicable in budget smartphones too where there is not going to be significant cost difference between micro USB and type c but still the manufacturers use micro usb to discriminate users

          Realme: "Hey Samsung, can I copy your homework?"
          Samsung: "Yee, sure, just change a few things so It doesn't look the same"

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            • 29 Apr 2021

            beep bop boop, 29 Apr 2021Galaxy Buds Pro's for $26, damn Its the Escobar all... moreNailed it!!!!

              Galaxy Buds Pro's for $26, damn

              Its the Escobar all over again