Xiaomi Mi Smart Band 6 review

03 May 2021
Upgraded with an edge-to-edge screen and SpO2 sensor.

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  • Anonymous

coolabhi, 15 Jun 2021I am awaiting its launch in India since March, but still do... moreDon't worry, it's not just in India. Mi band 6 and Huawei band 6 have not been released in some Southeast Asian countries either. I contacted Xiaomi and Huawei, they couldn't even answer me!

  • coolabhi

I am awaiting its launch in India since March, but still dont see any light there. Are there any manufacturing issues in Band6 which MI is fixing and then releasing it for India?

how about changing from mi band 3? I bought the nfc version with hope to be available worldwide at some point in time... it is working well since first day.

Stanley, 10 May 2021I like Xiaomi smart watch but I wonder why they don't ... moreBecause it's Mi BAND and not watch of other OEMs with same looks.

  • babak

had mi band 5 and bought mi band 6. everything was good except battery which could hold max 8 days. so had no choice to sell and buy band 5 again. to me band 5 is the best among all mi bands

Build quality is bad though. My mi band 2 and 3 display's suddenly went kaput. They can still track alright, but no display whatsoever. And no, it's not an isolated incident nor I forgot to turn up the brightness.

  • igor

what an misunderstanding or bad luck at least! I have almost all xiaomi bands and watches - a little perversity on my side - and almost all of theme proved to be excellent. huawei is too complicated, samsung too expensive, better versions. With apple I have no experience at all, but all xiaomi products are the very best. For my taste and use, at least.

  • Amazfit Not

Stay away from any products from Huami / Xiaomi / Amazfit. These products are wrought with issues and the company offers poor customer service. They knowingly release watches with problems and hope to fix them with later firmware updates. Check out various forums to see the well-documented issues.

  • Sergio Rodrigues

Hi all.

Talking about my water experience with Mi band 5, almost 1 year pass away and this band works fine. 2 days a week this band go surf with me and no problem with sea water.

  • Anonymous

Not a good experience with this brand and also not suggest the other either to use it. It may better to choose other bands which may have some good features and capability with their android app

  • Stanley

I like Xiaomi smart watch but I wonder why they don't produce the round and rectangular shaped form of these watches

  • Dan Hunters

What would be good to know is if it works for exercise? Have the earlier version and it loses the heart rate tracking as son as I start running. Makes it completely useless.

  • Hazrot

Anonymous, 04 May 2021Gps signal please. Better

  • BAKNair

I have two watches with straps broken one is the same as above and another one different models where can I get both please let me know the same can order online please


Yobee , 04 May 2021When it’s launch in IndiaJune

Indonesia release date?

  • MyBandNotAFan

These Mi bands are locked in xiaomi system. Pretty useless unless you are into google fit. Also didn't test wet screen function, probably because it doesn't function the wet.

  • Anonymous

Don't rush guys! Samsung will release its new 2021 Gear Fit next July.

  • Yobee

When it’s launch in India

  • Moto

emil, 04 May 2021mi band 6 poor battery life.. i use my own like a ordinary ... moreIf the battery is draining that fast you have probably activated the regular heart rate checking.
That feature activated will reduce battery life to about one week.