Huawei P50 leaks in hands-on images

30 April 2021
The compact flagship in Huawei's P series looks just like the renders predicted.

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  • Anonymous

Just because the rest have gone full brick mode, doesn't make this one compact, lol.

Yeah, phones get bigger, however humans don't. Most of them (apart from iphone mini really) are mini tablets that barely fit onregulr pockets anymore. We call them phones still only because real smartphones are dead and were replaced with semi pocketable communication devices that we now call "phones".

P50 is a phablet, a giant of a device through and through, merely it is not a 7 inch behemoth that the rest of them are. Still not at all compact, it will fill most pockets and of course impossible to use one handed (like you would the phones of old).

(Good) foldables can never come fast enough. We are in the ugly side of history that will age really really badly, lol.

  • Anonymous

New Apple is born

the previous model was better, at least as far as the selfie camera is concerned, and the sensor to unlock the phone, and the autofocus, I don't know why people are bothered by the front sensor if they are useful and you have better selfie cameras

There is no imx 800... It's just rumors

P C M, 30 Apr 2021As I was saying before, This type of camera arrangement can... moreImages are fake. Huawei hasn't used that logo since 2017

  • Anonymous

> 6.3 inch
> compact


wtf is this

Curious about the camera performance and HarmonyOS implementation...let's see...
The photo and video performance will have to beat phones like the Mi 11 Ultra and the old P40/Mate 40 series. If it achieves that, it'll be very good.

  • Meh

That camera array is NOT okay. It honestly looks too ugly and too cheap for a 1000$+ smartphone.

Those are probably wrong

  • Marxone

Such a beautiful phone, yet the blocked bootloader is gonna remain. What a bummer

As I was saying before, This type of camera arrangement can't hold 1 inch sensor.
So, P50 definitely isn't coming with 1 inch sensor.
Probably the pro version or none at all.

  • Bshdjajshsh

Huawei trying to squeeze out some last minute profit before shutting down.

the camera allignment- bye 😭😭✋

very ugly!

I've seen a lot of beautiful phone designs before, but this one is the most ugliest.

  • Itsme

Seriously why even you are making phones? Huawei

  • Anonymous

TEtech, 30 Apr 2021Harmony os ≠ Android It is not what devs says.
It is tild to be android 10 modified.

  • Mr69boss

They should have put the hole punch on left corner... In the middle is bad!

So sad to see 4 tiny sensors, instead of 2 big sensors.