Google Stadia’s Head of Product leaves the company

04 May 2021
Google’s cloud-based game streaming platform faces uncertainty in recent months.

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  • Just a guy

Wayne., 04 May 2021As somebody with and Android Shield TV, I can say what a di... more"I don't know what I'm talking about.
I have 0% reading ability, I have 0% writing ability but I have to write a long comment explaining thing I don't know to other people. "
I hate people like this.

  • Anonymous

SMIRNAS, 04 May 2021typical "All Marketing Bark, No Real-Product Bite" endPeople could just stream their Steam games with Steam link/Moonlight with no monthly fee.

  • Anonymous

SineCurve, 04 May 2021I agree. We've seen nothing but sneering negativity an... moreBecause the had a working non-streaming model with solid library of games. The opposition is a company that has a history of abandoning services to die and replacing them with a new chat program/application.

  • SineCurve

Securlee, 04 May 2021this was the weirdest comment to make '....the fantasy... moreI agree. We've seen nothing but sneering negativity and derision from Games Media when it comes to Stadia. Not sure why it's so singled out, when every major console developer either has a streaming service, or is working on one...

YUKI93, 04 May 2021No idea why people keep banking on cloud gaming. Personally... moreBuy everyone a gaming "laptop" the size of a smartphone that doesn't overheat and lower the price of video games and almost nobody will bank on it anymore.

I feel like some people who only own phones as their main and only computer are happy whenever they feel like Stadia is dying because some YouTuber that owns 3 tower PCs, 3 gaming laptops, and 10 smartphones told them to hate Stadia just because. Sheep mentality at its finest.

Muh cloud gaming is evil.

  • Simian

YUKI93, 04 May 2021No idea why people keep banking on cloud gaming. Personally... moreIt's decent- you can purchase a game and not subscribe and still get 1080p no queues or anything
Really don't get why gamers are all so tribal about systems

  • J

SMIRNAS, 04 May 2021typical "All Marketing Bark, No Real-Product Bite" endI'd actually say it's the opposite of all marketing bark no product bite. I got a Status premium for free is part of a promotion, and have been really impressed with it. I also have an Xbox and I would much rather play titles on the Stadia it has better graphics and performance and the load times are a fraction of that on the xbox. It's a great product, let down by a complete lack of marketing, everyone I speak to send to know next to nothing about it, least of all that they can sign up for free and play Destiny 2 for example without spending a penny. If Google had actually done any real marketing for Stadia I fell it might have been more successful.
Most people i talk to dismiss the system without ever having even so much as looked at it let alone played on it, and everyone I know that has played on it has been really surprised and commented on how good it is and wondered why more people aren't playing it.
It's really

  • Securlee

this was the weirdest comment to make '....the fantasy of Google Stadia...'

Google Stadia is not a fantasy and is actually a really good alternative to an expensive console.

My PS4 is loud, requires updates every other time I turn it on, requires me to either spend excessive amounts on storage as I have to DL all games to play and is tied to my house unless I have a compatible device and subscription to play elsewhere.

Stadia has all the storage I need, updates in background and has all the titles I love and I can play them on my phone, Laptop, Desktop etc.

  • Anonymous

Another Google failure. Pixel next.

typical "All Marketing Bark, No Real-Product Bite" end

  • Wayne.

As somebody with and Android Shield TV, I can say what a disaster it is. It's a droid but maybe over 99.9% of android content wasn't available for it. A lot of rubbish. That was sometime after google tv products came, and 3 or do years ago.

Why the complete failure. Well, you have developers striggling to make a living out of mobile apps. What is the point of going fur a redevelopment on a small market product with a lot of slack expensive product. All that should spell trouble to sensible people. A droid is also not really a console or desktop system, all rectifiable, by extending it (and putting Linux app support in). The stuff would be largely transferable to tablets and phones.

If game phone manufacturers can build controller support for mobile games, why can't google or NVIDIA, open the market up to using the bulk of games on tv. I sure suggested it to them, without line of configuration design. But, oh, a user might customise their controls to get an advantage in a commercial game. So?

Two sniffs from a second major profit realm.

Now, this new system, with a feature which chrome should have had from the beginning, as well as direct device to chrome steaming and setup to maximise chrome performance, poor chrome. I have the stamp weights at home. Can't use them in the road to hook up my device to a TV. Nip over to the folks house, look at this on the tiny screen, as you can't send chrome anything directly without that network access. Sneeze, and you might not know where you are in angry birds, as the lag is so great, rather than a virtually zero lag codec to the TV. Hey, look, shoes the guy ... Playing angry birds on his tv (instead of using a console). Keep the curtains drawn, incase they see you, they might even think you still have a Next PC-Engube console stashed somewhere! 'No, no, it's an Atari 7800 so I can play colour asteroids'. 'Yeah sure, Angry Boy'. 'Is that a TimexSinclair on your book shelf'. 100 games, what about 10,000 games from mobile. Low lag steaming from the phone, a little desktop computer experience and device support through it. Desktop webrowsing and wordprocessor. The point is, after all this, android tv gaming has an image problem, and now it's hard to fix. Long consistent inroads in use are needed. If you look at Google cardboard VR as proof, a nice hobby, but needed a lot of usability control and good cheap dedicated hardware. 1% effort can often land up with 0% result after abandoned.

YUKI93, 04 May 2021No idea why people keep banking on cloud gaming. Personally... moreBecause it's all part of the "You will own nothing, and be happy" plan

Bye bye Stadia. You won't be missed

This was just another DOA project,many of us knew it wasn’t going anywhere.

No idea why people keep banking on cloud gaming. Personally, I'd rather personally buy a game instead of having to subscribe to a service that doesn't belong to me.

  • Anonymous

Good next step is to shut down like google plus

  • Anonymous

Stadia can now peacefully crash and burn.

Hmm, IMHO this is to be expected

  • Anonymous