Verizon sells media group for $5 billion, AOL and Yahoo sold at a loss

04 May 2021
The mobile carrier purchased both AOL and Yahoo for almost $9 billion.

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  • Anonymous

I mean it was a bad buy to begin with, but good to cut your losses.
They tried and got out, I respect that. And they didn't even kill off the brands :)

  • Quericus

Well well well.....Verizon's attempt at becoming a multimedia giant has failed quite spectacularly. After Verizon being unable to manage them as well as various effups it sold AOL, Tumblr, and Yahoo to Apollo at a huge loss. What will Apollo do with them now? Can I open an email with them yet? Lol! And I have made an AOL Platinum CD into a clock that's mounted on the wall. :)

  • Anonymous

Nobody use tumblr after the purge, lol

I miss the AOL cds forever coming through the door. The made great coasters.

  • Marissa Mayer

The new owners of Yahoo have plans for making it into a gaming (betting) company.

  • Marissa Mayer

A far cry from the ultra super mega deal, where at the turn of the century AOL purchased Time-Warner at an extraordinary $162 billion.

AOL was a mega beast back then. Today, no gives two 💩 for it. Some people probably have never heard of AOL.


I miss Yahoo Messenger so much..

  • Anonymous

big corp casually losing billions