T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S10+ gets One UI 3.1 with the latest update

04 May 2021
But it doesn't come with the latest May 2021 Android security patch.

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  • CJ

Samsung and at&t suck they are the worst when it comes to updates I have the s10 plus from at&t and they still have not release the update yet that is what at&t said but they have and I asked why I haven't received it yet they say it's samsung and samsung says it's at&t I can't not wait for the end on this month going back to verizon and going back to apple taking the wife and kids good riddance at&t and samsung

  • Anonymous

Hmmmn, 04 May 2021So late, typical samsungUS telcos control the updates so they can install their bloatware onto the phones. Don't ever use a US telco.

  • Anonymous

Hmmmn, 04 May 2021So late, typical samsungVerizon gives updates the fastest.

  • Hmmmn

So late, typical samsung