Realme X7 Max 5G's leaked box confirms specs of upcoming phone

04 May 2021
The rebranded Realme GT Neo was supposed to make its Indian debut today.

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  • Anonymous

onesujeet, 04 May 2021Realme launches new phones everyday.Yeah, and they don't bother giving some phones a stable Android 11 update.

Real me should scrap 45000mah philosophy. Otherwise they they will be another failure in future

  • Woohoo

Only if it had OIS & USB 3, it'd be an instant buy from me, I don't care much about the secondary/tertiary cameras, unless they have a comparable res to the main camera & preferably AF (>12Mp)

  • Nope

Minions, 04 May 2021only one reaction 🀘YES YES YES 🀘 πŸ˜ƒMinions of Realme?

  • Anonymous

Is it another one without bluetooth 5.2?


If only they add a useful macro....but yea they always fail to impress :3

  • Minions

only one reaction

Another Realme, another MediaTek.
Not gonna even think 'bout it.

Realme launches new phones everyday.

  • Anonymous

Good News. This news make my day