Xiaomi is getting back into the premium tablet game, MIUI reveals

05 May 2021
The source codes revealed three devices powered by Qualcomm's sm8150 and sm8250 platforms.

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YoeYar, 10 May 2021Then... buy iPad... why bother with Xiaomi??? So lame.Because I ain't going to buy an expensive tablet. But I ain't going to settle for a cheaply built one either. And I want Android, not iOS.

FYI, there ARE actually cheap tablets with good build quality out there, such as the tablets from Chuwi and Teclast.

  • YoeYar

NeonHD, 08 May 2021Really? You think that's decent build quality? To me t... moreThen... buy iPad... why bother with Xiaomi??? So lame.

Zteam, 07 May 2021I think the build quality is very decent, and I can't ... moreReally? You think that's decent build quality? To me the aluminum body feels very cheap, like it doesn't even feel like aluminum at all. It's nothing like the iPad's aluminum body. It's not even a unibody design as there's a plastic lip that separate the screen from the back. It's also thicc and heavy. All of this makes for a mediocre design and a poor in-hand feel, at least for me.

It's not that the resolution isn't high enough. I don't mind the FHD resolution, heck I wouldn't even mind if it was 1280x800. But at least give us some nice vibrant colors. The colors on the Mi Pad 4's display are so dull and lack vibrancy and contrast.

My very first tablet was the Galaxy Tab 3 8.0" with a 720p IPS display and even that had MUCH better color reproduction than the Mi Pad 4.

Lol pretty much the first thing I did when I got the tablet was flash a custom ROM. Not gonna lie, ROM development for the Mi Pad 4 is surprisingly active and abundant.

  • Zteam

NeonHD, 07 May 2021Having owned a Mi Pad 4 for two years, I was very let down ... moreI think the build quality is very decent, and I can't really complain about the display either, sure it could had higher resolution, but that would have required a higher price.

The only thing I can really complain about is that Xiaomi abandoned it pretty quickly then it comes to software updates, which surprised me since they usually does update their phones for rather long.
But I just flashed Lineage os onto it instead.

  • LADwtfareudoing

intresting, will Xiaomi smartphones get similiar dock?

Anonymous, 05 May 2021Not with that OS lmaoDon't worry, it should be pretty easy to unlock the bootloader, as with the Mi Pad 4.

Then you can ditch MIUI and flash whatever ROM you want on it.

Having owned a Mi Pad 4 for two years, I was very let down by its mediocre build quality and the poor display. Hopefully this Mi Pad 5 will finally feel like a premium tablet (without the premium price). Even the very old Mi Pad 2 had much better build quality than the Mi Pad 4.

rizki1, 05 May 2021thats sad, xiaomi need a hard work for that.I am sure that brands like Xiaomi and realme can give a lot better than samsung. And that would even spark some competition. Because in India, online classes aren't ending anytime soon seeing the second wave

  • Anonymous

still aiming for base iPad but if Mi can release a 300USD tablet like the predecessors which can smoothly run Genshin Impact then take my money!

  • XDgamerUwU

Anonymous, 06 May 2021that is the worst justification I've ever seen &quo... moreBut still many budget phones like Xiaomi budget phones compared to some overpriced Samsungs are better, tho budget phones are always better value for the price than expensive phones.

ae86, 06 May 2021Not in South & South East Asia. I'm talking about ... moreSadly, there's nothing that can be done since many companies are too focused on their phones when they can dominate the tablet markets. Probably only Samsung, with their low-end tablets manage to do it

  • Anonymous

hmm, 06 May 2021I am not brainwashed and my brain is healthy enough to have... morethat is not a good comparison... the cake is the same while the 200$ and 1000$ is not the same...

  • Anonymous

hmm, 06 May 2021I am not brainwashed and my brain is healthy enough to have... morethat is the worst justification I've ever seen

"this 200 dollar phone also has sd888 in it so its better than any 1000 dollar flagship!!!!"

meanwhile they skimp out on build quality, display quality, leave out sensors, speaker and mic quality, horrible cameras, lousy software support and buggy software, false advertising with big numbers (screen brightness as an example) etc etc etc

dumb comparison

  • hmm

Anonymous, 06 May 2021By you going to this length to type out so much shows that ... moreI am not brainwashed and my brain is healthy enough to have my own opinion about things. I just dont like the people who think something is better cause it's more expensive.

Discovery Science channel had a doc where they made experiment on people. On a table were 2 chocolate cake's. One had a 1 dollar price tag and other had 100 dollars price tag. All the people praised the 100 dollars price tag cake to the moon how good it is. While the 1 dollar cake is bad and dont taste good and all that. The experiment show the placebo effect on people for higher price products. While the cakes were exactly same. So higher price tag makes the low price cake taste like paradise.

Is see this in here comments all the time where people praising high cost phones over low price phones and that looks just like trolling. They are on every budget phones news comments.

el andalousi, 06 May 2021mi 11 ultra in Europe = 1200€Bought the Chinese edition for 1000€... Supports all the bands here in France.

God , 05 May 2021Mi 11 Ultra is 40% cheaper than S21 Ultra with much better ... moremi 11 ultra in Europe = 1200€

  • Ivan S.

Barry Egan, 05 May 2021whose gonna buy android "premium" tablets 😵😵 I will buy xiaomi tablet as long as it has 120hz refresh rate - i have lots of other xiaomi stuff at my home - mi 11, mi 11 ultra, roborock vacuum cleaner, air purifier etc - i was gonna buy the new 85 inch mi tv too - but i live in north america and was unable to find it from here (i guess related to us/china beef) and had to settle for 85 samsung q90 which is roughly double to triple the price for more or less the same features. ps im an accountant and work alot with ms office apps, i prefer surface tablets with windows but nice android tablet is fine for a secondary device for my wife. I never buy any apple products period. Used to own an ipad that they gave me as a gift when i set up an account at one of the banks and I always hated that thing a lot. I like to own my devices - i do not like to bend over and pull down my pants for the "apple way". But for sure its a matter of preference ;)

Tigolebitties, 05 May 2021Students are still gonna get iPad tho. Apple offers the 8th... moreNot in South & South East Asia. I'm talking about millions of students that came from very low income family

  • Anonymous

gagarasta, 06 May 2021For apple, samsung, and xiaomi devices owner I can only say... moreLol

  • AnonD-996040

[deleted post]Hello... My first Android phone was Mi 3 and other 2 Android phone after that. The only troll is you who doesn't even dare to register a user here at GSMArena.