Google announces Entertainment Space for Android tablets

05 May 2021
The search giant has apparently remembered that Android tablets exist. And people use them.

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I hope they will release more. The S7+ with keyboard and mouse, is awesome!

GSMarena: "Android tablets still exist, somehow"
Also GSMarena: posted 3 tablet-related news less than 24 hours before.
Sure, the news about Tablet sales perhaps referring to iPads or high-end Android tablets, but budget Android tablets still exist on the market. For example in my country, I see more stores using cheap Samsung 8" Tab as a POS station and connects it to the cash register.
Despite lacks of apps optimization for tablets (the Android ones), some people still need a tablet for various uses. The problem is there's no mid-class Android tab. The Samsung Tab 8 (with S Pen) I'm currently using has like half the performance of my phone despite the tab is almost twice more expensive. Samsung's Tab S6 Lite specs is closer to mid rather than upper-mid class. If only it's $100-150 cheaper, I'm sure people will be more attracted to it.
As for other manufacturers such as Xiaomi or Huawei, their tab products are only limited to certain markets which is a shame.

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Android tablets still exist, somehow. And people may still be buying them, for some reason.
What?! You know tablets are a bigger version of smartphones, right? Except for the cameras it does everything much more immersive and provides a better viewing experience. Smartphone screens are still small compared to tablets. If anything, people should be buying tablets not smartphones especially if they mostly stay indoors

Galaxy Tab S7 plus sales definitely helped the tablet market along with the pandemic forcing people to use tablets for zoom calls, etc.

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I bought a Tab S7 plus 5g a few weeks ago and I love it.