LG reveals the Secret KF750

24 Apr, 2008
LG announced today their latest high-end slider called LG KF750 or otherwise LG Secret. It's their third Black Label Series handset and it can surely steal some attention with both specs and looks...

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  • jimbo

does anyone know how to get to the fm radio on the lg secret????

  • i want the secret.

SOMEONE please tell me;
who carries this phone.
im dying to know.
please and thank you

  • Anonymous

who carries this phone??

  • serani

this fone is wickedly awesome can't wait to get it

  • Paul Austin

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2008does anyone know how much the phone costs now because I can... moreMy friend purchased one a few weeks back here in Honduras. I was really inpressed with its features. I am a phone nut for serveral years and change with the times. I have had more than 10 in the last 2 years. Had a Nokia 95n kept it for about a month gave it to my girl freind was not inpressed. I have a Ericson 850i now it works well but scratches very easy. It takes a good picture but the flash is a little overwelming.The Secrect is $353.00 with shipping and handeling and insurance to insure dilivery.About $100.00 cheaper than the 850i. I purchased a new secrect lg yesterday awaiting delivery.

  • Anonymous

does anyone know how much the phone costs now because I can't find it on the internet?

  • Ariel Zriel

Does it support 8GB MicroSDHC?

best regards,


  • Anon

Haha, glad LG have seen sense and released it to the UK market first!

  • Anonymous

shakil, 17 May 2008hi i wanna buy this cellphone.LG KF750 secret...or LGkf700.... morei want to buy the lg secret and im wondering if verizon will carry it seeing they carried the first two of the series

  • theyoclife22

hey this phone is heka cool and i really want it also........ so can you please reply and show me i can get one

  • shakil

hi i wanna buy this cellphone.LG KF750 secret...or LGkf700.. can u tell me how can i buy it.. none of the dealres in US dont' have it .. and also let me know approximate price for this one.. i want this one without any contract.. thanks... reply pls.....

  • Don

QoQ comparison still has LG leading SE so no excuse for not having enough phones out in Q1.

ANYWAY love the design plus feature rich SECRET!

  • Anonymous

here is a video review:


  • Anonymous

Yes LG may have sold more, but traditionally SE puts out the least amount of phones during Q1. The majority come in the summer and autumn in time for Christmas

  • Kevin

I think LG is really coming around. I heard that LG sold more phones in 2008 Q1 than SE and most of their phone is high end.

I look forward to seeing this for myself in the stores! One of my choices for a next phone

  • JIM

Wow.. cool looks AND great features. when is this available and who is carrying it. im definitely upgrading!

  • Xiaorhan

haha! lol @ cheapjing, still not a fan of LG :D

  • ML

you forgot to mention, it has touchscreen function available for multimedia features such as picture viewer and editor, mp3 player, as you mentioned interactive games, fm radio and document viewer.

  • ghost385

This handset is hot! I love the spec and the styling is world class.

mark p - you said that your Mrs has the K850i and that it has a lens cover. I'm not sure if you noticed that this is a clever trick by SE because the lens cover is underneath glass/plastic. So if you scratch the surface the lens cover is irrelevant.

Well done LG!

  • cheapjing

omg, a lg shaver!!