Weekly poll: Xiaomi Redmi K40 Gaming promises a lot, but is it worth it?

09 May 2021
A popular brand also dips its toes in the mobile gaming industry, but at what cost.

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  • Anonymous

I guess they shoul've allowed this with GMS and make a global debut earlier. This is the phone to buy for gamers on a budget.

it has a middle punch hole and its big compared to what they can truly be. also, no under display scanner with no headphone jack, it's just software gamer friendly, not truly gamer friendly.

Poco F3 is a lot cheaper, not sure if the looks with slightly less performance is worth paying more

AlienKiss, 11 May 2021What is this xinomi? I've never heard of it... My ans... moreThis no name Xiaomi you've never heard of overtook Apple in Europe in the first quater of 2021

Gaming phones are a gimmick for the most part, having said that...i like this phone's design better other the regular K40/Poco F3, even if slighlty underpowered (D1200 vs SD870) and the unnecessary shoulder buttons i might never use.

  • AlienKiss

What is this xinomi? I've never heard of it...
My answer is: 'No, I'm not interested in no-name brands.'
Greetings from Europe!

Anonymous, 10 May 2021f3Are you sure about that F3 is better than this.

If it's not to be released globally(only China exclusive), it is not worth it. However, it is good to see and hear how Mediatek is developing to become better in recent years

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 May 2021I definitely agree. Even if gaming phones are capable of... moreHave you upgraded from your 50 dollar iCh£rry?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 May 2021Gaming phones are and will remain a gimmick because: 1. Th... moreI definitely agree.

Even if gaming phones are capable of running older triple A titles (no need at maximum quality) then at least gaming phones will have their use. At least COD Black Ops 2, GTA IV, Tomb Raider pls. No need for newest 2021 games like Resident Evil Village (not demanding at minimum 720p but scales up quick).

But we can see the limitations in controls, Pc games utilise so many keys, console uses so many buttons. And had mobile support the OpenCL graphics driver...

Anonymous, 10 May 20213.5 mm jack isn't exactly a top notch feature (cheap p... more"3.5 mm jack isn't exactly a top notch feature"
Remember the days when every phone had a proprietary headphone + mic connector that only worked with accessories made by the same company? Remember when having a headphone jack and an mp3 player in your phone was the coolest feature you could imagine because you didn't have an iPod? Or because you didn't want to carry a camera phone AND an iPod? Back then 3.5mm jack was a very nice feature. To me, it still is.

  • Anonymous

Hard choice for 2021, 10 May 2021>>>>>>>>>>>>>>POC... moref3

  • Doubleart

What make me give attention to it was they said it has a cooling system. I dunno if the other gaming phone also have it. But that was really important. I'm sick of overheating (which then trigger lagging) while doing online classes.

>>>>>>>>>>>>>>POCO F3 or K40 gaming which one would be better?

  • Anonymous

Gaming phones are and will remain a gimmick because:
1. There's little to no quality mobile games available
2. Touch screen controls is the absolute worst.

Seriously, what's the point of having all that amazing hardware and seriously high specs when every mobile game is either a gacha scam rubbish or a poor bad imitation of triple A titles
not to mention playing games on a touch screen has got to be the saddest, most unergonomic carpal tunnel inducing, finger smudging, screen blocking nightmare ever and no air trigger will fix it.

Nintendo Switch running on a 2015, 28nm garbage chip with an equally garbage 720p LCD screen, still selling well till this day because not only does it have an amazing catalogue of proper games which don't require you to pay every 20 minutes to continue, but also proper gamepad controls.

Until this changes, don't think mobile gaming or gaming phones in general will succeed

  • hmm

r31ya, 10 May 2021Gaming phone without expandable storage and more importantl... moreDo you need all the play store games on your phone that you need expandable storage ? Like seriously what issues people have. There is no need to have 1000 games on your phone if you play 3 of them at most. Most of the gamers have only one game that they play like pubg or cod:m or something like that. Where they find time to play 10 plus games a day and every day ? Headphone jack is a minus on this device yes and there are dongles for 3.5mm with also charging so it be solved by that also but it's not nice to wear down type-c port for doing everything with it. But still it's annoying to see people whine about everything. Phone will be dirt cheap so it must cut corners to get the price so low but still need to complain about everything while have no interest even on buying the device. Just to whine about few issues about it

This could be... As well as realme's gaming phone..
The most popular gaming phones on the planet.

  • Anonymous

Can't wait to get this phone I hope that will lunch at middle East soon as possible

  • Anonymous

Totally worth it

Only if it had OIS