OnePlus 9, 9 Pro receive OxygenOS with camera improvements and May security patch

08 May 2021
The update is currently seeding in India.

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Yeah, the OP 7T I own was probably the last good-for-price phone OP made. These newer models seem like they have a lot of compromises and are more expensive.

I'm not in any hurry to updrade. Thinking I'll see what the 10T might offer. Hopefully by then they will actually be getting real camera improvements with the Hasablad agreement.

I still having issues with battery drainage and it seem if you are playing Pokemon Go, the device overheat and default camera app also cause battery drainage and overheating the device as well if use together. I'll be waiting for a software update hopefully soon from them.

Anonymous, 10 May 2021It does cool down fast doesn't it? Is this supposed to be a feature? Lol

  • TimeForChange

Anonymous, 10 May 2021OnePlus is becoming shitty.. can't provide regular upd... moreI agree with you, I feel you... I bought 8pro in hope it would be better than older versions, but it has gone relatively down only. Despite sending lot of information about the bugs i have found, they are not even replying back.

OnePlus already lost customers in the middle east with their Chinese version of OnePlus 8 pro, advertised to be a 5g phone, but 5g never worked, because the Chinese version uses cheap specs. The US/UK versions did work where I live in the UAE, but the officially sold Chinese version does not, and now again with 9 pro an expensive phone but cheap specs. I am sorry OnePlus, you have already a bunch of angry customers.

Be careful don't get tempted to buy the Chinese version in the US/Europe, I know it is being sold there, and it has a dual SIM, but it surely lacks quality, and does not support many 5g bands

Is there still a big delay between pressing the shutter and image being taken? see mkbhd review of oneplus 9+ to see what I mean

  • Anonymous

OnePlus is becoming shitty.. can't provide regular updates, can't give proper updates as I have been getting lots of problem. Just giving attention to their flagship phones.

Benson, 10 May 2021I absolutely hate the OP 9 series. It is nothing but a let ... moreI feel the frustration brother. One Plus has finally SETTLED. With their garbage lineup in terms of price to performace ratio.

One Plus garbage 👍🏼

Benson, 10 May 2021I absolutely hate the OP 9 series. It is nothing but a let ... moreYou can buy oneplus Nord or Xperia 10 or Samsung A or M series

  • Benson

I absolutely hate the OP 9 series. It is nothing but a let down of OP fans.
1.Everybody knew that SD 888 heats up a lot, then the cooling chamber should have been adequate to use the processor.
2. Camera and Hasselblad optics are nothing but a marketing gimmick that OP used to lure more customers from camera oriented manufacturers like Oppo, Vivo.
3. European markets have a better variant of OP 9 and 9 Pro, more 5G bands and wireless charging.
4. I hated Samsung for the same thing, does the Company count everyone living anywhere outside Korea and US fools, with the crappy Exynos processor.
It's because Samsung knew that even their own people would not buy their flagship if it comes with their useless Exynos processor. So they thought let's sell it to the fools in European and Asian markets.
5. I am not a big fan of other Chinese phones but man....
If they are not producing budget friendly phones with high end specs left and right, mobile phones would still be a dream for the average people because companies like Apple and Samsung and more recently OnePlus are exploiting their customers.
6. I couldn't still wrap around my head the fact that OP sales have increased by so much in Europe.

We should boycott a company all together if it even remotely seems to be exploiting the customers.

  • RLaw

How's the camera? OIS was removed. Did the update. Made it better?

  • mittu

How about Android 11 update for my OP6T ? You are downgrading OP with quality of your support towards loyal customers, never gonna any 1+ trash in my life again, My Samsung Flagships were at least worthy enough. GOOD BYE. Slap Color OS on OP and forget about half baked Oxygen OS that you still ruined with Google dialer and message apps and then ugly UI copycat from Sammy. Worst skin ever.. thu

  • Anonymous

Note7 owner, 09 May 2021Temperature too high warning is an issue I've had at l... moreIt does cool down fast doesn't it?

  • Anonymous

Love this phone

  • Zub

OnePlus should work on fixing heating issues...this phone is pathetic.

  • Mark S

JohnPieux, 09 May 2021Disappointing phone 1 and disappointing phone 2Take your meds please.

Temperature too high warning is an issue I've had at least twice since taking ownership.

  • Anonymous

Shadocx, 09 May 2021The back of the OnePlus 9 is glass, it's the frame tha... moreMetal/glass dissipates heat more effectively than plastic. Just because you use a plastic case doesn't takeaway from the fact the phone itself is still made from less than premium materials. Making excuses for anti-consumerist practices is what allows companies like OnePlus & Samsung to get away with downgrading products.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 May 2021Samsung also release a flagship with a plastic back and cha... moreAnd? This article is about OnePlus. Cool it with the whataboutism.