Watch the Asus Zenfone 8 lineup announcement live

12 May 2021
We expect two devices - a compact Zenfone 8 and a Zenfone 8 Flip.

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chris1998, 12 May 2021I'm saying 700. I think price will be ridiculous cus o... moreAsus have always been reasonable with their launch prices. Let us see.

  • Anonymous

If the Flip has the headphone jack it'll be the first phone ever released that meets almost all my demands for a smartphone, demands that quite frankly should be pretty basic:

- No screen damage (punchole, notch, etc.)
- Dual-SIM *plus* expandable storage without having to choose one or the other.
- No pointless extra camera sensor facing the user, wasting money and space.
- Large enough battery for at least two full days of typical usage.
- High-end SoC
- OLED display
- Stereo speakers
- Headphone jack

I wish they launched one with 870 at lower price.

Anonymous, 12 May 2021hope mini is $600I'm saying 700. I think price will be ridiculous cus of SOC and few things

  • Anonymous

hope mini is $600