Apple iPhone 13 to feature FaceID chip twice as small as the one on iPhone 12 series

15 May 2021
The smaller image processing chip is the key to the slimmer notch.

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  • Anonymous

786, 16 May 2021Lmao, locked controlled prison OS., smooth operstion vs And... moreYeah yeah blablah you all keep saying this BS. When have you last used iOS? Or better, have you ever used it? Since when iOS isn't snappy with fast transitions lol? Also everyone raving about customization of Android and then they all run some ugly theme where all icons look the same and use some weird hard to read italic font for labels. And that's as far as customization goes. Hurray for customization then. What could we possibly do without it!

  • 786

Anonymous, 16 May 2021This is why I'm moving from Android to iOS this year. ... moreLmao, locked controlled prison OS., smooth operstion vs Android super zippy fast transition, lmao yea really Troll?
It's like buying a car or house but you hsve no options too modify it.

  • Nano

Face ID or similar scans with IR, don't belong to West, laying this out.
Who does it benefit, you or the state who recommends it on all products?
I don't have a lot to say on other aspects. Surely they can find a way to sell as product the new version of old concept, making of the panopticon has become popularity contest.

  • Lilian

To note, this is exactly the same crap GSMArena reported for iPhone 12. They started with "no notch"(~2-3 years ago) and then "smaller notch"(for the past year).
When will GSMArena stop putting out trash

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 16 May 2021Lol, if the notch is the only thing keeping you move to IOS... moreThis is why I'm moving from Android to iOS this year. It's for the software and services.

still with the notch! hahaha!!!

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I wonder the same about you every time you're screeching for others to be banned. You really contribute absolutely NOTHING.

Dont understand why cant apple remove face id, if face id is removed notch will automatically vanish. whats so special about face id, why cant iphones have in display finger print id. no phones have notch except iphones. even the cheapest phones have punch hole camera. Notch look so ugly & no more space for notification. wondering apple will ever make notchless phones with punch hole camera. if face id is removed i guess price will also come down.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2021Most people I know, only upgrade every 5 years or so. I... moreLol, if the notch is the only thing keeping you move to IOS, you better stick with Android.
People do not move (in the case of people coming from Android) or stick to iPhones because of the best features money can buy. People buy iPhones because of IOS.
In other words, people interested more in software and services, buy iPhones, because Apple is the best at those. People interesting more in hardware and especially those who change their phones frequently, should buy Android phones. Easy.
Some small portion of people (me included) buy both. Or at lest try them both from time to time. Because why not.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 May 2021If you don't have fingers, unlocking your phone is pro... moreI guess you never seen any carpenter then... Even if you have stubs left for fingers, touch display will still work. But you won't be able to use fingerprint scanner. Ask JRE and his fingers... How many people are there without face? And even if there is one and is mutilated, if it was stored that way, it'll detect it that way. Fingerprint scanners just refuse to accept it if it doesn't have fingerprint grooves in thing you want to scan/add. And ultimately, who cares? You all screaming how "options" are important and suddenly your freedom of choice boils down to hating on FaceID and wanting it to disappear even though millions of users love it, including myself. And we've all been on fingerprint scanners before it, so we know how it is to use one. Yet we still prefer FaceID. It's just funny to read all the haters of FaceID when they aren't even using it and chances are, they never even have. So, you hate it so much. Well, then don't use it. iPhone doesn't have any other option? Then don't use iPhone if you hate it so much. It's literally that simple.

Anonymous, 15 May 2021Even if they make 30W charging speeds, the way IOS is treat... moreYes, from 85% -100% it is probably something very similar, but you are forgetting to mention the difference of at least 0% -60%, then reduce it a little, and in 85% or 90% it falls under slow load, The difference in the first few hundred is enormous, Mi 10 Ultra reduces its speed almost the same as all the others when it is finishing charging, but it does 0% -50% in 5m

Anonymous, 15 May 2021There comes a time when blaming apple for everything has to... moreI don't blame any specific brand, I blame them all (except Sony who stay true to themselves, their phones don't match my tastes, but they are good nevertheless), that's simpler, not biased, and actually accurate to the market reality as it is both the fault of the one who do a stupid thing as much as the one who follow it.
I am an Android user but not an Anti Apple one, I have no trouble admitting the good things they have and do, like Face ID, their camera, their SoC, etc.
And had they implemented the notch slightly differently, it would have now been an awesome thing.
Same with the 3.5mm Jack, if rather than totally removing it they both did put a magnetic connector and a dedicated audio (and video) wireless solution like most non Bluetooth wireless headset on PC have, it would have improved by a huge margin the industry, and I would have recognized their awesome contribution, sadly, like Samsung, they have the habit to start the bad trends, not the good ones, and they often start for bad reasons too...

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 15 May 2021Exactly! I think what Apple should have done was to keep s... moreThere comes a time when blaming apple for everything has to is not apples fault that other brands follow trends so blindly

  • Anonymous

sanshiro, 15 May 2021One should buy an iPhone every 3-4 years to see significant... moreMost people I know, only upgrade every 5 years or so. I'm just waiting for them to drop the notch before moving to iOS.

  • Eram

whatever apple do, do the best. So keep calm and waits for iPhone 13 📲

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The same IPhone without touch ID?

One should buy an iPhone every 3-4 years to see significant updates and enjoy his product.
The incremental upgrades are so minimal each year.

Anonymous, 15 May 2021Why would you hide it and move signal and battery icons int... moreExactly!
I think what Apple should have done was to keep smaller icons from the previous generations and display them on two lines (as currently it severely limits how many can be displayed) around the notch, but also make the notch non-accessible by any app and only displaying status icons.
This way it would have been what it always should have, a bezel that move the status icons outside the display, and not a dent on the display.

We can see a bit of how it would have looked like in most of this old video:
And as is said at 0:52 of the video.
The hardware is the same, only the software has differences but for a totally different result.
Smartphones nowaday would look very different had Apple choose this route, and they would have looked much better.

Anonymous, 15 May 2021If you act that way you're stupid and has nothing to d... moreThe same thing apply to IP rating, the EXACT SAME, and how did it ended? In a lawsuit.
Many people pretend that the camera can't see through the display when the display isn't off, which is totally false.
The same way many believe IP rating = waterproof, that coupled with no liquid damage covered resulted in countless phones lost because of water, because people thinking IP rating mean they have a submarine in their hands, they act dangerously by taking underwater shots, some never had any issues, others had their phone died the first time they tried, and many had water related issues starting only days or weeks after not allowing the owner to connect the dots as many assume water instantly kill devices.

Here you have a camera that people start to think can't see you and that you don't see.
That's basic psychology, if you hide something, even knowing it is here, you act totally differently as if you constantly see it.
That's why people don't treat the same way a scar that is on a visible part of the body (like the face) and one which is usually hidden (on the stomach) or why you don't act the same with or without cloths despite the ONLY thing that changing is that you HIDE your body.

It isn't something new and it apply to almost everything:

Anonymous, 15 May 2021Why would you hide it and move signal and battery icons int... moreIt is ugly, at least I do not like it bro, but the news to make it smaller it is a good news of course. There are people who do not like even the small punch hole camera.