Sharp Aquos R6 debuts with 240Hz screen and enormous 1” sensor

17 May 2021
It is the biggest camera sensor put in a mobile phone ever.

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Unfortunately sharp AI kinda dumb ,in some scene ,yes the camera captures great image with insane depth of gield but in some scene there is no lightning tweaks

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Zaakirr, 19 Jul 2021On top of that it's the pixel size that would be a res... moreJust a sensor hype? Not into photograph then. Calling it hype don't make you sound smarter in any department.

Sif Amon, 26 Jun 2021Honestly, as a Camera person, this isn't all that prac... moreOn top of that it's the pixel size that would be a resultant factor. Having just pixels of micron size wouldn't be any helpful unless one has a control to manipulate it. You are right it's just a sensor size hype with no control over it. It's aperture, focal length all are beyond.

Anonymous, 04 Jul 2021Watch Sony 1 iii reviews, video recording is a mess, can�... moreI have watched most English reviews, and a few Chinese ones of the device (1iii), but I'm not sure what you're talking about, video seems great.
That aside, I was recently gifted a drone with a 20MP 1-inch CMOS sensor inside. The drone camera has a variable aperture, however, focal length is fixed. I can do more with this camera than I could on a smartphone, not because of the one inch sensor, but because of the control i have over the aperture, and the fact this is all attached to mini quad-copter.
Having a 1-inch sensor on a smartphone is a good step, but at the cost of removing the various focal lengths which triple or quad camera setups offer on a smartphone without compensation? that in my opinion, is far from a good trade. And the lack of a variable aperture means the camera won't be nearly as flexible as a drone camera (the ability to fly and all aside), let alone a dedicated point and shoot.
Why am I comparing a drone camera to a smartphone camera you may ask:
This 1-inch sensor is being pushed as this device's main feature, however, the device does not utilize this sensor's full potential, you're essentially paying for a large sensor which opens up possibilities you won't get the chance to even consider, in comparison, the camera on a drone is meant to be light, and it's meant to be small, the 1 inch sensor on the drone is not a feature but a handicap, at the very least, you get control over the aperture among a multitude of other professional tools (still, flight aside), which ultimately make the small 1-inch sensor justifiable. With the Aquos R6 however, you get none of the control, and all of the handicaps. You're essentially reverting back to when smartphones used to aim for one good camera on the back, but with a slightly better lowlight performance, and slightly better dynamic range.

786, 17 May 2021Lg, and Motorola and Htc need too learn this is how it'... moreWhat do you mean

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Sif Amon, 26 Jun 2021Honestly, as a Camera person, this isn't all that prac... moreWatch Sony 1 iii reviews, video recording is a mess, can't believe Sony would release a phone in such state. Most likely will be fixed in future updates though.

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early review

Can't wait for GSMArena to review it🤩

I’m pretty sure this will be their flagship phone, battery 5000 mah, snapdragon 888, hope this phone will be added here on gsmarena so we can check other specs, don’t care about camera as there are a lot of smartphones with too many cameras but when it comes to the inner specs 👎 specially the phones made in China, hahaha, Samsung is good as well but Sharp was more than good.

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Pre orders started in Japan

Honestly, as a Camera person, this isn't all that practical. A 1-inch sensor is a great step, but it isn't enough on its own. There is no optical zoom and the 19mm lens equivalent is simply too wide for most scenarios, so I would end up cropping a lot in post, depending on what I am trying to shoot. To be fair, 20MPs do offer a lot of room for cropping, but determining the usability of the produced image is all too reliant on optimization, and this is a first for Sharp, so I'm not particularly trustful of that process, as they haven't made a name for themselves yet in the market of reliability.
Considering the camera is my main concern in a smartphone, I'm more anticipant of Sony's 1iii, as I have a better idea of what to expect. I have a better understanding of the device's strengths and a better understanding of its limitations. If sensor size was big enough a deal for me to get one phone over another, I would have already been in the market for a full-frame, or at least a point-and-shoot.
Speaking of point-and-shoots, I've read quite a few comments in this thread comparing this 1-inch camera to a Sony RX100. But you need to understand that not all 20MP sensors are made equal, and you're almost sure to always find a better sensor in a dedicated camera than you would otherwise find in a smartphone. Not to mention, there's far more to the makeup of a dedicated camera than its sensor, and I'm not even talking about the lens, which by the way, the RX100's has a variable focal length offering a 28-100mm equivalent. Both the hardware and software in something as simple as a 9 years old point-and-shoot outclass modern smartphone cameras almost in every way possible.

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Anonymous, 17 May 2021Sharp outdoing Sony. LOL. It's a Sony sensor though..

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YOB, 20 Jun 2021Hey Guys I for one say SHARP should try an take LGs place i... moreSony?

anyone, 19 Jun 2021i for one never needed more than ONE camera on a phone. one... moreI know they are still shooting 1 picture or 1 video. But people just really liked the idea of having these really cool wide-angle and other tools available at the press of a finger without asking themselfs are all 3 cams just as good in that array and no they are def not only one takes center stage as main cam with most Megapixels and with hyper sharpening software behind that jpeg file noobs will never notice. but I will say as an LG customer I was in for HIFI QUADAC and loved how good main shooter was everyone else liked the really paltry zoom on another only saved by the actual digital zoom and good image stabilizer.

But we now all know this are just gimmicky marketing tricks and maybe some like samgsungs 108 megapixel insane zoom are exceptions to the rule and I believe 1 great camera with a wide array of uses it's all we ever needed since at the end of the day we all default to that main camera when ever something needs a picture taken realiably or a video looking crisp . Maybe that same primary cam with bigger sensor will destroy the gimmicky age of 3 cams array . Let's see and hope

Hey Guys I for one say SHARP should try an take LGs place in the west since LGs fall we are lacking a big name with proper headphone and SD card support that alone is a feature that if where to ever announce for it's iphones would shatter the world of cloud storage.

Now looking at this phone objectively I would say yeah the bigger sensor alone wouldn't offset the epic array on stuff like the other big guys but it is a SD card headphone jack supporting amazing display cellphone and just a beatiful and simple idea to partner with respectable camera company and put a --respectable example of their own work as phone manufacturers out there too after all I believe Samy and Cupertino's anti SD alliance .

I mean just think of LG and their weird camera array and HIFIQUADAC AMP for headphones it was funny to some ppl but today people are actually trying to say that array 1/3 > 1 and yeah if we add up the entire array we get 1= 1/3x3. And guys TBH arrays don't really work well like that. So I say well done Aquos magnificent workmanship and hats off to LEICA LEITZ camera .Soo specially when big guys catch up will have even more amazing cameras and ideas who knows might one day get SHARP AQUOS R-HIFI with array of mics and matching 1inch full frame sensors with proper lens . And SD card with headphones amazing!! 😭 Dreams

I bought an LG V40 october 2018 just now showing age. Since unlimited upgradable space combined with respectable performance made it a rebelius contender that stood strong . Now did LG fold phone side because of the price of SD card slots or headphones jacks no they simply didn't market as they should've since that's Samys main strategy of shotgun mass marketing guaranties ppl see the good on their devices I still haven't seen a LG commercial and Cupertino mastered that game long ago.

So in short guys I'm saying that let's be grateful that at least 1company that might never release their phone in NYC or any western market is innovating and keeping the features we all have always relied on on the device their selling and I say that 1inch sensor first attempt looks amazing and while someone who plays the megapixel game might say just 20 megapixels I say & 1 whole inch of a sensor behind them . SHUT UP AND TAKE MY MONEY!!!!

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i for one never needed more than ONE camera on a phone. one camera, but a good one. that's all you need on a phone. don't know how good this is, but seems promising considering the sensor.

Olym1mk2, 17 Jun 2021Yet again, it's still on benchmarks and on this site. ... moreAccept defeat for what lmfao, bruh it ain't that deep, like I said, if it does exist why isn't it being used. It's clearly a renaming scheme, I'm not saying it never existed, but it's being sold as 888, but seems like you can't read and I highly can confirm you didn't even bother opening the link i sent (A GSMArena one btw), do whatever you want with the information you have, you just can't seem to think about the point I am trying to make. You can take that as the end of discussion if you'd like, or continue, you do what you want, but I don't have to prove myself to anyone and take a 'victory'.

Rk100, 17 Jun 2021and again, it's been months, the 875 hasn't been ... moreYet again, it's still on benchmarks and on this site. What's written black on white, won't give you right. So stop trying, and accept your defeat.

Olym1mk2, 17 Jun 2021If you say so. Both have been spotted on benchmarks, next t... moreand again, it's been months, the 875 hasn't been talked about in the past months, since last year if I'm not mistaken, if they were to release it, I doubt it'll be for 2021.
Edit: Also on the lastest post about it, there were many saying it's the 888,

Read this one, '5 SD 875 phones to be released in Q1 2021', even said the not sure if you noticed but that never happened. What happened was it was a simple name change and the 875 became the 888. You can believe all the old news you want, the 875 is highly unlikely because it became the 888.

Rk100, 17 Jun 2021That article was from last year, never happend and won'... moreIf you say so. Both have been spotted on benchmarks, next to each other. Also shared on this website. No matter how hard you try, it's written black on white.