Google is planning a big UI overhaul for Android 12, leak suggests

17 May 2021
Some screenshots of the re-designed UI elements included.

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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Just because some small element coincidently looks similar to some small thing doesnt mean nokia is far ahead. The only thing nokia far ahead is their bankruptcy.

  • Anonymous

Major changes for Android and Windows 10. Waiting.

  • Anonymous

Not a fan of corners that rounded. Also that analog clock looks hideous. I hope there will still be round one without those ugly spikes.

Anonymous, 17 May 2021Exactly. Android versions for any brand except Pixel or And... moreVivo's FunTouchOS (global phones) is similar to Google's UI. Same with OnePlus' OxygenOS. Also Asus' ZenUI is practically the same as well. So not just Google and Android One devices.

  • 9bob7122222

more like UI changes to Pixel UI. Samsung, Xiaomi, BBK will do their own changes.

  • Anonymous

right always, 17 May 2021whats the use when everyone is using their own ui..! Exactly. Android versions for any brand except Pixel or Android One is useless.

I hope that there are still some things to adjust. I also hope for transparency in terms of privacy and control.

  • Naurus



i hope google make 2 version interface x and y. interface x: like leak suggest: round icon, pastel color, light color background etc. interface y: boxy/sharp icon, bold color, darker color background ,etc.

whats the use when everyone is using their own ui..!

What's with that uglee pink color? It doesn't look good. Hopefully it'll be customizable. I don't want my UI to have Hello Kitty colors god dammit.

  • Anonymous

this kind of reminds me about the symbian belle U.I