Sony Xperia Ace 2 unveiled in Japan, brings 5.5-inch screen and Helio P35 chipset

19 May 2021
Sales in Japan are scheduled to begin on May 28.

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  • Anonymous

Nakamora, 03 Sep 2021Is Sony Xperia Ace II(Japan Dokomo budget phone) working wi... moreI bought a docomo sony xperia ace 2 recently, I have had it 2 weeks. It will work on telstra network. You will need to change the messaging app as the docomo version will not allow pictures to be sent. Also you may want to remove/disable the docomo apps.

If you want one buy it off ebay. I have not seen a non docomo version available yet.

If you are not confident in removing the docomo apps then the docomo version of the phone might not be for you.

  • jakub

CptPower, 19 May 2021Man a budget device dont cost 200 bucks. Samsung A20e is ... morenah it's not better, it's Samsung so not wery good optimalized software for low end device design looks much worse then this it's almost cm taller and that counts it have similar foto capability but lacks battery, back mounted fingerprint sensors are joke once you try side ones on Sony or Samsung s10e you never go back, and that Samsung cost 180€ while I can get xperia from. Japan for around 15+shiping I would never buy low end Samsung but this one would need only stereo speakers to make me lose my xz1 compact even when. it's much weaker

  • Mary jane

Have phone one week from japan, all jap apps can be deleted or disabled , battery is best i av had on sony , chip set is magic in this phone , sony knows how to optimise hardware. worth getting ,fits lovely in the pocket out and about and listening to music with headphone jack, first new phone from sony since android 9 thats theirs no issue with the sound volume lowering by it self when out listening to music.

  • Nakamora

Is Sony Xperia Ace II(Japan Dokomo budget phone) working with Australian Telecom carriers Networks like Telstra Optus Vodafone etc? If yes where could I buy in Sydney & how much it costs? thanks

  • Anonymous

Thanks Dean F. Would you recommend the Ace 2 over the XZ1? For newer OS and battery life?

  • Dean F

Anonymous, 26 Aug 2021Could someone comment on the Ace 2 Battery Life? I'm c... moreI have the Ace 2 and the xz1c . Battery life is probably double that of the XZ1 compact.

  • John

John, 31 Aug 2021I did some digging about the Xperia Ace lineup, and it turn... moreCorrection: Both phones does have water and dust protection. My bad.

  • John

I did some digging about the Xperia Ace lineup, and it turned out that the first generation model was launched all the way back in 2019*. The most notable difference between the two are the chipset and IP rating certification.


  • Anonymous

Could someone comment on the Ace 2 Battery Life? I'm considering upgrading to either the XZ1 Compact vs Ace 2. Will the battery life on the Ace 2 be better than on the XZ1 Compact? I don't care much about performance since I don't game on my phone, maybe battery life will be comparable to Xperia 10 III since it has the same 4,500 maH?

  • annu

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2021Date of release best feature this phone sony xperia ace2
i like it..

  • Anonymous

Date of release

  • Vb

Bought one from zenmarket, delivery expected on the next weekend.

  • Pearlnut

I 2 years waiting for small, watterproof phone. This is perfect, only ... must it selling in Europe..

  • Anonymous

Alex, 28 Jun 2021How can I buy it from Europe? It's perfect.I bought one from eBay, it's coming to the USA from Japan

  • Alex

How can I buy it from Europe? It's perfect.

  • Anand India

When xperia ace2 release in India

  • kan

lopjas, 24 May 2021sold if sd 480 were used + 5.5inch er: lov dat comboimpossble for that price (for Sony)...
helio p35, much worst

  • caparzo

almost like compact, and when compact?

  • lopjas

sold if sd 480 were used + 5.5inch
er: lov dat combo

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 May 2021"but by the time the flaws has been fixed, all the per... moreHaha no reply from that guy to a legit query