The Android 12 beta causes some OnePlus 9 and 9 Pro phones to bootloop (there is a fix)

19 May 2021
OnePlus pulled the update as skipping over an important step of the flashing process can soft brick phones.

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  • 19 May 2021

See? Stock android fans should cry. Even oneplus and google takes inspiration from one ui. One ui is overall an great one, it makes one handed use easier with big phones.

    What happens when we go through the Alphabet,these updates including firmware update just destroy or cause haverk,I've heard (FIX IT) is the next one 😱

      This is why I still reckon that Google's A/B seamless update solution is a truly relevant idea. Sure that it uses more internal storage space (I mean, the whole Android OS itself took about 15GB to 25GB in size), but we can easily roll back the phone to the previous stable version without a problem when this kind of issue happens.