vivo X60 curved screen edition announced in China

24 May 2021
The curved screen is the only difference compared to the vanilla X60.

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  • Jason Melling
  • 7va
  • 25 May 2021

We also need to get rid of the front camera hole. No need for it in 2021.

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    • n9uu
    • mhF
    • 24 May 2021

    My hope is that curved screens will disappear from industry as curved screens are useless and distractive. However I would be interested to see what percentage of customers opt for the curved screen if they have the choice.

      a curved screen edition? wtf man? next thing u know we have "1080p screen" edition, and then a "2mp" edition for their love of crappy macro and depth add-ons

        looks like China market LOVE curve screen

          • W
          • Woohoo
          • 7kk
          • 24 May 2021

          I dare them or any other brand to make a *|compact, 3.5mm HP Jack & OIS|* "edition"
          Basically a ZF8 Lite with a SD780 or Dim.1100/1200

            No thanks, Vivo. A flat screen is still a much more relevant idea tqvm.

              • ?
              • Anonymous
              • y6V
              • 24 May 2021

              vivo x60 pro rebrand*

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                • Anonymous
                • 043
                • 24 May 2021

                not that anyone asked

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                  • Anonymous
                  • TL%
                  • 24 May 2021

                  I like this phone. Looks good.

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                    • AnonD-994853
                    • Kx9
                    • 24 May 2021

                    Vivo X60 Pro and Mi 11 is better than this if you need an curved screen