Samsung Galaxy Tab S7 FE gets official in Germany, starts at €649

24 May 2021
It's a toned down version of the Galaxy Tab S7+, basically.

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Fan Edition my buttttt. more like sheep addition if anyone picks this >>> the normal S7 or S7+. absolutely confusing pricing. might as well get an entry-level iPad at half the cost and like 4x the performance lol

    Samsung pls note
    In FE & Lite it is ok when you put a LCD fisplay to cut cost.

    But why on the tab s7 it is a lcd display. Tab s7+ has amoled but it is not available in Africa.

    So on Feb 2021 I had to end up getting tab s7!!

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      • 25 May 2021

      Anonymous, 25 May 2021Windows tablet mode is unusable and not a lot of good apps.... moreWindows doesn't need tablet mode apps. The basics applications are thar run on ".exe" run great. You iPad users don't have a clue about Windows

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        • Amlan
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        • 25 May 2021

        Now I'm definitely going for the upcoming Xiaomi mipad 5. Because where 512 GB variant of Tab S7 listed for $529.99, "128" GB Tab S7 is listed for INR 63999 ($829) in India. Now launching SD750G powered Tab S7 FE for EUR 649 means, it will come in India at around 64999. Are you kidding me SAMSUNG !!??

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          • 25 May 2021

          Glad they got the naming figured out. But I don't think this can keep up with the iPad Air, other than its bigger screen.

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            • Michael
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            • 25 May 2021

            Why do they launch it first in Germany?
            Can you give a link to any English language website that offers it?
            When will it be available in the rest of the world ?

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              • 25 May 2021

              AhmedSLL, 25 May 2021Wait what??? There are 3 possibilities here: 1- It's... moreWhat tablet do you want to buy?
              a. Galaxy Tab S7 FE
              b. ...
              Me: b, b.

                Wait what??? There are 3 possibilities here:
                1- It's 549 with the keyboard cover and not 649
                2- It's a sp865 and not a 750G
                3- Samsung have officially lost it !!!

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                  • 25 May 2021


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                    • fuad
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                    • 25 May 2021

                    its more expensive than tab s7 , i think the final price is around 450 $

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                      • 25 May 2021

                      Is this some kinda of late aprils fools day joke?

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                        • Shiny Dave
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                        • 25 May 2021

                        I will say this for it... At least it does actually provide a USP over the iPad range, as you need to go to the Pro for that form factor there and that's a specialist device with a price reflecting that. As a 100% pure entertainment viewing device, I can actually see why people would get this.

                        I'd much rather get an iPad Air at the same price point. Drastically better SoC and the enduring software support to convert that to a long ownership span.

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                          • 25 May 2021

                          [deleted post]Windows tablet mode is unusable and not a lot of good apps. For people who want a tablet the iPad is a better choice.

                            Fake edition, this company only launching inferior models to make superior model look good, since note 20

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                              • 25 May 2021

                              Bad pricefor the spec even with 5G network. Tab S7 is the better choice

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                                • 25 May 2021

                                Anonymous, 25 May 2021Entry level iPad has a trashy screen , no 5G and no DEX. how about entry level Galaxy Tab?

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                                  • 25 May 2021

                                  Too expensive for Snapdragon 750 processor

                                    Anonymous, 25 May 2021Entry level iPad has a trashy screen , no 5G and no DEX. Funny android fanboi say ipad trash, all table android just shit compared to iPad

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                                      • 25 May 2021

                                      Anonymous, 25 May 2021Entry level iPad has a trashy screen , no 5G and no DEX. yeah right, that comes as a huge surprise considering 150% price difference. and it still faster perfomance-wise.

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                                        • Daniel
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                                        • 25 May 2021

                                        Tab S7 is also 650€. For that money, you get a flagship display, 120Hz, top-tier SoC, top-tier sensors and more ram.
                                        S7 FE ias worse in every aspect and the only thing it's got going for it us that extra 1.4" in display size.
                                        1.4" for all the pros of Tab S7 is definitely not worth it for me. I'll go with Tab S6 lite tgen.