RedmiBook Pro 15 with Ryzen 5800H and 90 Hz display unveiled, Pro 14 with Ryzen 5700U follows

26 May 2021
These are the Ryzen powered versions of the RedmiBook Pro laptops that launched this February with Intel chips.

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  • ryzen

Who cares about the design? They don't need to reinvent the wheel. It's a mac ripoff with ryzen, which is a perfect combo for me. Hopefully it won't have any major flaws. Getting mine in a week.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 May 2021Gimmick and copy of the Macbook Air. Yet the Macbook Pro wi... moreThe Macbook with M1 doesn't wipe anything:

Ryzen 7 5800H nearly double the performance in cinebench multicore, and that's not even their strongest mobile chip, nor is it their last one. Performance-wise Apple will never compete with the top of the line AMD Ryzen, Threadripper and EPYC CPUs. Get over it. The Apple M1 is a low power medium performance CPU for iToys. The only thing you can wipe with the Macbook Pro is some cow poop on a farm floor..

  • Anonymous

Zzz, 27 May 2021There is no vanilla macbook eitherYou have a short memory. It is now replaced by MacBook Air.

  • Anonymous

so original design!!!!!
amazing innovation!!!!!
china no. 1 !!!!

  • Oflife

Ooh, a MacBook Pro running Windows!

  • Anonymous

Gimmick and copy of the Macbook Air. Yet the Macbook Pro with M1 wipes the RedmiBook Pro...will we get bent pins from AMD? 😃

  • Anonymous

Is there a option for pre-loaded linux? or linux-compatible? Most of my friends search with this filter/option when searching for laptops....just asking since the infor is not mentioned any where..

The ryzen 5800h at that price, is a steal 😲

cheaper and better than $1000 rog phone.

  • Zzz

Anonymous, 26 May 2021There is no RedmiBook 15. Blatant copying.There is no vanilla macbook either

  • Anonymous

zodiacfml, 26 May 2021Nice. I wonder why Chuwi still use Intel parts.Which company is chuwi?

  • Anonymous

kabhijeet16, 26 May 2021Bring it to India. Take my money. 15.6 inch with Ryzen 7..... They will never,bro. We are bound to get 2 year old model that too priced priced 20-30% higher. Our laptop market is a sham.

  • jango

Prototype, 26 May 2021As long as this use the old Windows software that is imposs... moreWhat should they use? Linux, i personally find linux a good os, as i've used ubuntu for years, but the medium customer has never heard of it and is not very welcome to changes, so the customer would rather buy a windows 10 notebook than a linux based os notebook.

As long as this use the old Windows software that is impossible to use they will achieve nothing!

Nice. I wonder why Chuwi still use Intel parts.

  • Anonymous

erodhika94, 26 May 2021Windows based: Notebook / laptop Mac based: MacBook Linu... moreThere is no RedmiBook 15. Blatant copying.

  • Anonymous

SathishKannan, 26 May 2021NoteBook a.k.a laptops from which only Apple adopted the na... moreUse "pro" for upper range? There is no RedmiBook 15.


slight correction, the AMD H-series are by default has TDP of 45W, unless it's set by OEM to has cTDP down set to 35W.

also, since it's a 15" laptop, at least gives us a dedicated numpad, come on...

Anonymous, 26 May 2021Besides "book" and "pro", can these Chi... moreWindows based: Notebook / laptop
Mac based: MacBook
Linux based: Notebook/ laptop
Pro is varian for upper version of the standard/vanilla one. If you said it copied how apple named their product, then what Microsoft did with windows? Never hear windows 7 professional? Or windows 8 pro? Or windows 10 pro?