Oppo Watch 2 series coming with Snapdragon Wear 4100 and Apollo 4s co-processor

28 May 2021
The Watch 2 will boot dual operating systems and come with 16GB storage.

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  • Anonymous

Nick Tegrataker, 29 May 202116GB storage? Man that's quite a lot for a smartwatch,... moreyes and no. Samsung puts 4GB on their watches with about 3GB used by OS and the default apps, leaving almost nothing for things like music, maps, etc. Apple on the other hand have 32 GB, so 16GB I think is a sweet spot for the time being.

16GB storage? Man that's quite a lot for a smartwatch, isn't it?

  • Anonymous

This time, we hope Oppo will take the screen 'to the edge' mindful that bezels are a waste of valuable screen real estate. Also the re-write of Wear OS will permit a wider range of Google APPS on wearables especially in this case MAPs. 16GB is a good start but the top end smartwatches are at 32 and more. Colours are a good variety of offerings too (not watch band colours; they are a dime a dozen!).

Anonymous, 29 May 2021 Oh pleeeese , like Apple has invented a watch with a squa... moredude it was just a joke chill out

  • Anonymous

beep bop boop, 28 May 2021Hey that looks familiar Oh pleeeese , like Apple has invented a watch with a square case and rounded corners and as patent on it . It's the same dumb discussion as then years ago when Apple fanboys were shouting that every other smartphone maker copied the apple iphone " pad with rounded corner " shape.

  • Yasir

2 chips 16gb....

  • django

apple and samsung make smartwatches with 5nm processors then there's qualcomm that still makes 12nm flagship processors for smartwatches

Hey that looks familiar