Meizu Watch unveiled with 1.78" AMOLED display, eSIM and fast battery charging

01 June 2021
The watch is powered by the Snapdragon Wear 4100 chipset and runs Flyme for Watch, which is based on Wear OS.

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  • Clay

Can i pair this with my iphone 12?! And is there a global version of this?

Will be great if it's has play store in the global version

it's just another fake apple watch
don't you have any designers Meizu?

  • Rolapi

12nm consume too much, they need to update processor to get more days out of the battery

69 grams can't be right?

  • Alboooz

It can make calls and sms without phone, but 8gb storage is not enough for my needs.
I'm waiting for wrist device that have at least 4.inch screen and all hardware today phone has in it, and not a small watch that imitating from the past analog watches.

  • Anonymous

The HUGE bezels around the screen are totally unnecessary! Take the screens to the 'edge' and not waste valuable screen real estate! Waste of space! It is also too thick! Think coin sized instead of 'brick'.

  • Bala

Apple watch is a blatant copy of this watch. Thats it

Copy and pasted.. and do some edits 🤣

  • Anonymous

All I can see is Apple Watch. Nothing new 🙄

  • So

Anonymous, 01 Jun 2021it has a certain reminiscence of another popular smartwatchOf “another popular”?
Like this one is popular..


Where's the innovation?.... they love to copy apple in everything they do... a typical chinese thing...💯

  • Anonymous

it has a certain reminiscence of another popular smartwatch

  • Dr. Musa

doesn't look like apple at all.