Sony C660X 'Yuga' 1080p display leaks in a benchmark score

14 October, 2012
There is no information on the physical size of the screen unit. Rumors point at a 5" one.

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  • Anonymous

AnonD-3928, 16 Oct 2012 Please read it.....

  • Anonymous

New info,
"The Japanese calligraphy is yūga (sometimes written as yuuga or yuga), which means elegance"

Calligraphy?? See where this is going? S-Pen!

Sony already has something brandnew using a pen and win8 software for it, look it up, the Sony Vaio Duo 11, which is a Windows 8 hybrid tablet PC, has a Wacom digitizer stylus pen. Vaio Duo 11 will be available as soon as Win8 is officially launched. Its very likely that the Yuga name points to calligraphy and a stylus, so this could be competitor to Note II, and then its not unlikely that its a phablet with a 6 inch display. But i hope 5.

  • AnonD-3928

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2012Its still Japanese and means Elegance, is it so hard to believe ... moreI dnt thnk there is need to make fun of others culture and beliefs.....can u show me any link which says it means elegance in japanese.....

  • AnonD-4340

Dro, 15 Oct 2012Motorola can really capture this market of 5" screen phones... moreYou may wanna check the daily interest of Razr M. Even Razr i as the most popular moto has only 11%. And where is Motos worldwide presence? Europe - nothing, Asia - barely. Moto is like a niche brand that stays alive only because of their special handsets for the big US carriers.

Razr M may have almost an edge to edge display but noone want it, esp not at $550.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-3928, 16 Oct 2012 Please read it.....Its still Japanese and means Elegance, is it so hard to believe that the simplest explanation is always the closest and simplest one?

Does it have to be something with deep religious thoughts and Hare Krishnah and then the guru will appear on a flying carpet and everyone will hold hands and sing songs about Gandhi around the camp fire? How stupid does that sound?

Not very likely, compared to the likelihood of a bunch of japanese engineers come up with a simple yet meaningful and describing japanese word as codename.

The explanation with Yuga Khan is a good one too, the connection to Odin is there.

  • AnonD-3928

AnonD-9550, 15 Oct 2012yeah we all know about how nokia love to use Hindi to name their... more

Please read it.....

  • Anonymous

hamidreza , 15 Oct 2012dont cry samshame sony like no other fhd display and s4 quad cor... moreLol. Wow....Glad to know you dont know how to think. For starters this is 5 months later and this is only speculation without confirmation and with no release date in site and no proof of being first if it even happens....
Glad to know how you think this means somehow they have dominated everything. You are so smart. i wish everyone thought like you :)

Moving on to the actual news this looks nice

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  • ala

waiting mode.go sony almost i hope much battery life.

  • Dro

Motorola can really capture this market of 5" screen phones. If they design a 5" screen phone with similar edge to edge display like that of the RAZR M & i, they can make the phone much smaller and capture more of the market which Samsung haven't been able to capture because of the size of the Galaxy Note. Also, with their ability to put a 3300 mAh battery in a much smaller phone, they can possibly put a bigger battery in a 5" screen phone. Battery battery and smaller compact size phone would kill the market. However, they need to use better camera lenses in their phones.

  • Blankman

1080p? Haha, good luck in spotting the difference between a sub 5inch 1080p, and a 720p.

  • os

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2012guys iphone 5 has higher res and bigger screen right?No... iphone have 4 ich screen and pixel density of a 326 pixels per square inch :)

  • Tito

Anonymous, 15 Oct 2012guys iphone 5 has higher res and bigger screen right?No, is under 350!

  • JZX1GT

strontium, 15 Oct 2012This is the Nexus XI wish this is the Nexus X... that would be just awesome...

  • iPhone 5 user

Wow I might get this along with my iPhone 5. I love my apple products, this is how it is for me and while apple is as good as it is, I will always buy.

But this Sony is very nice.. Always Samsung and htc disappoint me, but I will probably buy this beast. 1080p? Amazing.

  • Anonymous

guys iphone 5 has higher res and bigger screen right?

  • strontium

This is the Nexus X

  • Khan

awesome phone! ..alws luv Sony's products

  • wardroid

Any digitizer/Pen?

Without pen, this screen would not be so good!

  • Anonymous

really stunning specs, 60 fps on 1080p screen wud tear off market, hope screen is 4.8", design and camera will be good coz that's wat sony's best at..
keep it up (y)