Samsung Galaxy A32 5G in for review

06 June 2021
It's not a bad phone, but the A22 might be too big a challenge.

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  • oliver

I think the specs of this 5G model of Galaxy A32 are pretty decent and functional. Samsung and mediatek have done a nice job

  • Jonny

This 5G device seems really good under 300 bucks with a Mediatek Dimensity 700 chipset and it has a good camera as well.

  • something samsung

this phone is awesome dont listen to the pepole that dislike this phone i had this phone for 2 weeks now and this is awesome download any game and it runs max settings 50 fps
buy it NOW

  • Ohlcenter

I always buy Samsung devices, first S3, then J5, then 20M, now A32. But unfortunately this device disappointed me.

Battery weaker than expected, it drains faster than my old M20 (2 years old)

Screen not bright enough, too weak in daylight. Weaker than M20. I also find the colors too yellowish (Eye Comfort Shield OFF)

WiFi problems, the connection is constantly frozen. I then have to turn off the WiFi briefly and then turn it on again. I've been to the Samsung Center in Denpasar. The operating system was reinstalled, but the problem persists.

The camera is good, but the interface is jerky. Why? That shouldn't happen with a new device in this price range.

The device gets hot even with simple applications, no games, simple office applications.

I don't know what the development department was thinking, but this hardware combination is not fully developed, especially with the hot Indonesian climate.

And a question about the guarantee, why can't I return the device within a week? At the service center I was told that it cannot be replaced, only repaired. But I want to withdraw from the purchase, doesn't have the right?

Greeting from Bali
Alexander Ohl

  • Anonymous

Shittiest Samsung phone with high price tag. Just robbing the customers.

  • Anonymous

Ibought this item for 1¥here in Japan, but sadly, there's no accessories 😢

  • ja

i own the T-Mobile variant of this phone, and it definitely has a 90hz refresh rate...which i keep off, because using it slows down the phone.

great battery life, fast internet, awful touch interface, tons of Youtube app glitches...videos jump forward and back, touchscreen becomes unresponsive.

i got this phone for free, but cant recommend it for $288 retail...however the battery is strong. downfiring speaker is ok in loudness.

  • Pat

Just got mine as l m Samsung fan camera its👌👌

Miki, 07 Jun 2021I really don't get this obsesion to get the latest G s... moreWell eventually as eventually 5G will be the predominant technology for mobile data transmission but it will literally take years. It could be ten years or more. I have the Poco F3 and it has 5G but there's no 5G where I live. There's barely 4G in fact and I use wi-fi. I could really have just gotten the X3 Pro to be honest. I mainly wanted a powerful processor and I suppose that the amoled is nice but the 5G is worthless for me.

  • Niaxi

ahmad, 07 Jun 2021awesome cellphone 📱Oppo A1k body back cover

  • ahmad

AnonD-1003038, 07 Jun 2021People exaggerate TN displays as "worst of the worst&q... moreawesome cellphone 📱

  • Anonymous

Veri bed phone I have

  • AnonD-1003038

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2021The last one I remember was the Xperia Z1, and that was rat... morePeople exaggerate TN displays as "worst of the worst". Even TN has come a long way since its beginnings and TN's of today are NOTHING like TN's 10+ years ago. I had 1080p 144Hz TN gaming monitor and when I was upgrading to 1440p 144Hz, I picked IPS because it's all the rage with everyone these days. Just to find out it's not really that different and that despite 144Hz, pixels had much better response time on TN. Even viewing angles are nowhere near as bad on TN as people make it to be. I now have a pretty capable IPS monitor and in all honesty, I kinda miss my TN. It had pretty much no backlight bleeding which is pretty bad on IPS, pixels response time was insane and viewing angles were not really that worse to ever be annoyance, let alone a problem. Which on IPS makes backlight bleeding so bad under some angles it almost makes it worse than mild color shift on TN. People really need to drop this mentality about TN panels. They heard they were bad years ago and stuck with it. Well, TN's weren't stuck in time, they evolved too and got pretty damn good.

  • Miki

I really don't get this obsesion to get the latest G standard.
4G is good for up to 300MBs, you absolutely don't need to move to 5G. Like EVer!

  • Jaytee

Roy, 06 Jun 2021My friend bought it two weeks ago, I really liked it, now m... morePrecisely am going to buy it cash end the month,like it so much definately am trapping it,Galaxy A32 5G

  • Captain

The phone is really powerful. I love it!!!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2021and no phone has them i believeThe last one I remember was the Xperia Z1, and that was rather a scandal and probably the biggest disadvantage for the phone, which is why the Z2 switched to IPS.
It wasn‘t explicitly said that the Xperia Z1 had a TN screen, but the press just said it had a bad screen with bad viewing angles which make the screen unusable from an angle.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jun 2021every lcd display uses tft every. display. ips. too. yo... moreMacBook Air from 2017 And before, that is

  • Anonymous

JohnPieux, 07 Jun 2021You can lower the resolution on higher resolution displays ... moreYou are again confusing TFT with TN.

IPS - better contrast than TN (still not great) and good viewing angles, higher response time
TN - bad contrast, bad viewing angles, but lower response time
TFT - thin film transistor, all LCDs and OLEDs currently produced

  • Mareza

Yah Samsung Galaxy is the best