vivo Y73 with triple camera teased ahead of launch

05 June 2021
It's rumored to come with the Helio G95 SoC, AMOLED screen, and a 4,000 mAh battery.

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  • Anonymous

The front design of the phone is not visible in the render, but the phone seems to have a slim form factor.

  • Arun

[deleted post]64MP imx686 sensor?? In vivo y73

You can enjoy watching movies or playing games on the Vivo Y73 5G as it might feature 6.58 inches (16.71 cm) display with a resolution of 1080 x 2408 Pixels.

  • Anonymous

The renders shared in the report show the purple variant of the Vivo Y73 from all angles which looks amazing.

All brand may have to take inspiration from samsung a72 , not their price nor the chipset(4g version) but their camera setup : main, ultrawide, telephoto.

  • Crazy

Plz stop counting def sensor as a camera lol

Demongornot, 06 Jun 2021This is why I love my Poco F2 Pro, no bezels, more importan... morePersonally I loved the Nokia Lumia designs as well particularly the 920. The polycarbonate body was virtually unbreakable and the bright colours really stood out and the whole case was coloured so even if it got scratched the colour would still be in the scratch. Wish some manufacturer would make a
modern version of the Lumia phones running android. Still believe that combo would have saved Nokia and kept them relevant today

Remember when this was exciting 😂🙂

Acorns, 05 Jun 2021Would love to see a Sony Z3 with bezel less design return t... moreThis is why I love my Poco F2 Pro, no bezels, more importantly it doesn't have any holes or notches, and the back is both symmetrical (which looks good) and quite flat (a millimeter), and totally flat with the big case I did put on it :
The pro of a phone with no camera bump is that even thin case still protect the camera lenses/glass while thicker cases (armored ones for example) don't need to be extra thick.

And IP rating isn't waterproof, it is only peace of mind which actually is much less effective than most imagine it to be and the phone should still be kept as far away as possible from water.

Demongornot, 05 Jun 2021This is one of the biggest complaint I have about the curre... moreWould love to see a Sony Z3 with bezel less design return to Sony phones. Loved the flat back and square shape. Only downside was the large bezels but at least they housed front facing stereo speakers and the phone was truly waterproof too.

SMIRNAS, 05 Jun 2021bad move Vivo,, this "cutcost" make X60 series d... moreThis is one of the biggest complaint I have about the current smartphone market.

Rather than doing anything unique, to keep their own design, set of features, etc.

They all copy each others, all smartphones are more or less the same, and this rectangular camera island in the top left corner is one of the most common cause of lack of diversity.

The Y73s one was different, and it was a good thing, Sony also keep (at least for now) their own design, and except gaming smartphones but only because they are severely lacking in the camera department and for the gaming aesthetic, I can't think of any brand that have its own camera design right now...
Even Asus, while the Zenfone 8 Flip was forced by design to have the cameras where they are, the "Mini" Zenfone 8 has this top left wide square design too.
That's why I really give a big shout out to the Pixel 6 Pro design, it is refreshing!

My favorite was by far the Meizu 17 Pro design!

2mp still exist? And why they add extended ram? For proofing that their android skin is so hungry with resources?

SMIRNAS, 05 Jun 2021bad move Vivo,, this "cutcost" make X60 series d... moreRemember realme? Happened to them before

bad move Vivo,,
this "cutcost" make X60 series design looks less interesting

why buy Flagship phone if it have same design as lower-level phone??

"64MP primary camera on the rear joined by a 2MP macro and 2MP depth units"
If only news media such as GSMArena and many others were to stop tagging phones with useless 2Mp camera as "Triple/Quad" camera, brands wouldn't be able to use this as an advantage and this awful trend would fade away.
We are quite close to have the optical underdisplay FPS considered as an additional camera at this point, mainly considering that the 2Mp Macro give so little quality that we can't consider it usable, the 2MP Portrait isn't even accessible for the user.

Call a phone with a 12Mp+ Main + Ultra-Wide + anything other than a 2Mp camera, a 'Triple camera", yes, sure, but this one, along with all who share those 2Mp cameras seriously shouldn't be labeled as "X number of camera".