Infinix is working on a 160W fast-charging adapter

09 June 2021
The brick could also be for power-hungry laptops, but Infinix does not sell those.

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  • Jack Khan Baba
  • 6p{
  • 11 Aug 2021

When did it becomes released. And what is estimated price range?

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    • Anonymous
    • Nue
    • 25 Jul 2021

    Anonymous, 29 Jun 2021Even iPhone, Samsung, Google don't have such fast char... morethey have better camera better display and lots more which infinix lacks.

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      • King
      • fnE
      • 04 Jul 2021

      It works. Pretty cool

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        • Anonymous
        • TRF
        • 29 Jun 2021

        Even iPhone, Samsung, Google don't have such fast charger,,,,, hahahaha

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          • Anonymous
          • DkL
          • 17 Jun 2021

          Please new update...

            Wth? They? Do they gona introduce premium Flagship?

              I swear if any other brand like 1+, scamsung, fruit logo, xiaomi and realme etc did this noone would say stuff like battery damage or battery health blah blah even though ovrrnight charging is miles worse also as day by day 5k mah is becoming popular we can expect 6k mah to be popular in the future and there is no 6k mah battery phone with 33watt or more I don't even think so there is a phone with 6k mah with even 33 W. Anyway it's just because infinix makes bad value phones so now apparently the West doesn't *trust* them even th ough thier not even made for tough markets like the West or India or China thier actually made for Africa countries idiots

                I couldn't care less. If they like let them make 200 watts , 1kw, 2kw etc I still won't buy their phones.

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                  • yalim
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                  • 10 Jun 2021

                  ultra fast charging = ultra fast battery wear

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                    • Noor
                    • 6Pp
                    • 10 Jun 2021


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                      • Alpha
                      • 80i
                      • 10 Jun 2021

                      IpsDisplay, 09 Jun 2021When new broke out of Samsung's phones exploding Th... moreSony has amazing tech that helps protect battery life. HS Power Control, Qnovo charging and more. My 1ii has some tech that even if you leave it overnight the phone will slow the charge down after 80% to preserve battery health.

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                        • Bak
                        • 6Pq
                        • 10 Jun 2021

                        Anonymous, 09 Jun 2021We can go upto 3.6 KW on AC Home output 😉Nice

                          wbpwns, 09 Jun 2021Tbh 30w charge is enough for meGot a Poco X3 NFC with 5160mah battery and 33watt fast charge and phone goes from 0-100% in 65mins. That is plenty fast but I would say that 66-120watt chargers should be as much as anyone will ever need in a smartphone. Wired (and even wireless) charging has reached more than necessary speeds at the moment but if battery development gets to the point where let's say a 10,000mah battery is small and light enough for a phone then that's faster charging will make sense again. ✌️

                            GVS, 09 Jun 2021These companies never give a smartphone with amoled, becaus... moreNah it's due to the pricing segment they're operating within. They're trying to stay around 200-250 but still offer better than average specs. Samsung will sell their displays to any company ready to pony up the dough.

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                              • greg gsmarena
                              • KZK
                              • 09 Jun 2021

                              Adrees, 09 Jun 2021I have a Infinix hot 8 and it chagere at about 1-2W . I try... morelike

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                                • Anonymous
                                • JT5
                                • 09 Jun 2021

                                Vincent, 09 Jun 2021How is the possibility to jump from 18w to 160w...smoke man... moreMore than 1 battery.
                                Laptop battery seems to be one huge, but inside they are many different cell.
                                This is why they have 50, 60, 80, 90, 100 W .....

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                                  • Adrees
                                  • sUv
                                  • 09 Jun 2021

                                  I have a Infinix hot 8 and it chagere at about 1-2W . I try Best out off best charger and cable and also which come in box but there charger charge other phones a little bit fasters then theirs own. At max 1.2a 5V .

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                                    • Vincent
                                    • c}E
                                    • 09 Jun 2021

                                    FatShady, 09 Jun 2021i don't trust them enough to buy phones from them, let... moreHow is the possibility to jump from 18w to 160w...smoke man smoke news

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                                      • JT5
                                      • 09 Jun 2021

                                      GVS, 09 Jun 2021These companies never give a smartphone with amoled, becaus... moreKoreans are not the only oled supplier.
                                      There are also BOE and China Star.

                                        Anonymous, 09 Jun 2021Yes there is a limit 3600W , above which AC home outlets li... moreXiaomi has already made 200W charger lol