The Realme C25s has a 48MP camera outside India

09 June 2021
The phone follows in the footsteps of its sibling, the C25, which also had a 13MP cam in India and a 48MP module elsewhere.

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  • 16 Aug 2022

Jimmy Potter, 10 Jun 2021To all id*ots bashing Realme, pls understand the Indian ver... moreYou're right absolutely!!

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    • LAK
    • rAh
    • 15 Jun 2021

    I like the build quality of the C25s and the strong mediatek processor at its heart.

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      • Ayaan G
      • U{W
      • 15 Jun 2021

      I think if realme would have offered the 48MP camera setup for the Indian variants of this mediatek powered smartphone, it would have further enhanced the popularity of this device.

        To all id*ots bashing Realme, pls understand the Indian version is price at INR 10K which is around$150, but foreign version is priced at $190. The price is 35% more, so why this is an issue?

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          • 7kp
          • 10 Jun 2021

          Anonymous, 09 Jun 2021So this is how they treat their biggest (or 2nd biggest) ma... moreDon't worry they will probably release Realme C25i for Indian market with same specs

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            • Sriguru
            • D07
            • 10 Jun 2021

            Even in indian page of realme, it shows 48mp camera at first.. after few hours it turns into 13mp.. This show how confused they are.. copycat company

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              • cSg
              • 10 Jun 2021


              How's that smug chump Indian CEO gonna take HD smiling photos now??

              Ans: With an iPhone or Samsung...the phones they actually use as daily driver and not the e-waste they sell and expect you to buy.

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                • 10 Jun 2021

                13MP v 48MP is a huge difference unless the 13MP has google/apple levels of postprocessing, which I doubt it has. Don't know why they give worse camera in India but they would definitely have to charge less for it.

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                  • Blyatiful
                  • nXD
                  • 09 Jun 2021

                  Realme 8 launched March after 3 months but not sale in Turkey WHY WHY WHY Realme is bad marketing sorry guys loneliness is the destiny of the righteous :(

                    actually this is true, as soon as i make a step outside the Indian border my 2mp depth camera turns to 48.

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                      • 09 Jun 2021

                      So this is how they treat their biggest (or 2nd biggest) market, right!