Android 12 Beta 2 now rolling out to Pixel devices, brings new privacy features

10 June 2021
There are some visual improvements to the UI as well.

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Privacy and Google go hand-in-hand (sarcasm)....all permissions autochecked and sharing as well to be help "build better apps" for your convenience. Who ever looks in settings and preferences? You are in control of your data - yep right

  • kayog

man some of yall trying out this beta dont understand the state of this build lmaoooooo

  • John

A real nightmare. When i installed this Android 12. My GMAIL Account and some of applications became unresponsive. Even the GOOGLE MAPS AND VOICE ASSISTANT & SEARCH are not all working. I miss a lot on this update. Can someone help me to revert it back to Android 11 which i didn't experienced this any troubles..

  • Daz

Lost weather on lock screen. And now cannot remove notification from lock screen untill I unlock phone

BlaBlaBla, 11 Jun 2021At least it doesn't always spying on you in whatever way. You know this, how? Y'all should stop dreaming.

  • Pep

Automatic call recording feature available or not??

  • RobertGrey

I saw a lot of things I'm looking forward to trying when this gets out of beta but there are just too many bugs yet to use it for too long. Google search force closing, apps not working. Looks like it'll be nice when it's officially released

Andro12 beta 2 ,Too many bugs for my pixel 4xl..some application crash like google search, gmail, gmap and many other application..
I like the UI androd 12 beta 2, looking fresh and smooth transition animation.
But I'm rollback again to andro11 because unstable OS make me frustrated..

  • official wizkid

Reena, 10 Jun 2021Is this available for redmi k20 pro phonesHelp me for updating this phone Android travelbeta

  • BlaBlaBla

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2021Just like harmony won't collect information on you too... moreAt least it doesn't always spying on you in whatever way.

  • BlaBlaBla

pizza, 10 Jun 2021lol you think harmony is real OS??? okay the most dict... moreReally? Doesn't collect Data? Sounds funny to me...

  • Pixel3User

The 12 Beta 1 worked perfect on my Pixel 3. Then I updated to Beta 2. It is still a huge improvement over 11, but when I swipe up to close an app now, it goes away as it should but them appears behind my home screen buttons for a second. It is disconcerting at first, but then you just get use to it. I am sure they will work out that glitch. Android 12 combined with the Pixel 6 will be a game changer. Almost time to upgrade...

  • Buildman

Everything big that's fine except for the music player control toggles they look horrible

  • Reena

Is this available for redmi k20 pro phones

Many things are improved, but totally mess with colors are somehow made, especially notable in notifications area, cannot change color manually, ok adaptive color but missing basic opt

  • Anonymous

Limpopo, 10 Jun 2021Wifi: Mango hoes 😂😂😂yes xdxdxd

  • NotOk

UI for classic people from vintage days. MIUI/ColorOS 6 Notification drawer. Poor vision for google s.w.

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2021I am very disappointed by knowing that my galaxy a 50 is no... moreI'm sure there'll be an Android 12 custom rom for A50

  • Anonymous

BlaBlaBla, 10 Jun 2021Whatever Google. I still don't trust you in whatever. ... moreAre you kidding me? Google is the best.

For the time being, the current Android 11 AOSP UI still wins my heart. I'm still not liking the new Android 12 Notification Shade UI makeover. It takes up nearly three-quarter of the space just for Quick Action shortcuts, and I'm not a fan of it.