Facebook smartwatch in the works, will have detachable cameras

10 June 2021
Would you be willing to wear a Facebook product on you wrist?

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Now Zuckerberg's plan is to track our locations and health data and sell them to make money.

Smart-Watch business has become too saturated. Why don't they improve the sensors for Heart Rate?

Detachable Cameras? AMAZING IDEA
but how would it even work? A single camera module is small and tiny, easy to lose plus wifi or bluetooth connectivity with the camera and watch would introduce a huge latency issue
But either ways, this will probably just be closed off to only be able to be used on Facebook owned services, so no go

  • Anonymous

AirY, 11 Jun 2021Spy watch from facebook. Data collector for facebook😂Lol, like Google, Apple or the upcoming Huawei OS are any different.
Once you are on internet you can kiss your data goodbye.

  • Anonymous

I would say NOBODY will buy this sh*t from Zuck! You'd have to pay me to take one.

now Mark even wanna sell your heart beat

  • Anonymous

It is going have the same fate as the Facebook phone.

Spy watch from facebook. Data collector for facebook😂

  • Sam

And have all the ways to track you 24x7 . Hell no!

Detachable cameras that take photos which you can share only on facebook services? Nice recipe for FAILURE.

As if Google, Facebook and Twitter weren't tracking you enough 24x7, they now have a watch to do some more. Next they will have toothbrushes, fake dogs, shoes and clothing. It's almost sickening to see how far tracking is being pushed.

  • Anonymous

why make a physical device?

keep making your softwares rather than these

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Jun 2021It's even hard to find dumbphones with FB.Without*

  • Anonymous

Rk100, 10 Jun 2021Who is honestly going to buy this, it's legit FB'... moreIt's even hard to find dumbphones with FB.

  • Anonymous

I always find it funny how people hate on FB like the company specifically monitors your daily life and your grandma’s birthday pictures. Nobody cares

  • Anonymous

I can see an episode of Blackmirror by just reading this.

FatShady, 10 Jun 2021imo, there should have been smart phones with no selfie cam... moreMany things should be done, but the smartphone industry is totally stupid.
And it will attract both, actually.

  • Anonymous

DOA hopefully.

Who is honestly going to buy this, it's legit FB's answer to Google and Apple about tracking.

TECH--BEAST , 10 Jun 2021Next time they make phones xDthey already did years ago, and guess what? they flopped so hard.