OnePlus Nord CE 5G improves battery, camera and price

10 June 2021
The OnePlus Nord CE 5G brings the same core experience at an even more aggressive price.

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  • Jai

Competition on the way, better every aspect will be available with mi11 lite... Thinner, better battery & price....

domraym, 10 Jun 20212 major os updates but if you include shipping delays and e... moreShipping delays. Maybe if u order to AliExpress yes

2 major os updates but if you include shipping delays and etc, People will get their nord ce just as android 12 comes out and is counted as one so you just really get one major os update. Well played oneplus.

  • AnonD-940827

2 year old storage technology? Nah, 7t is more value for the money.


It's literally worse than the Nord and costs more right now, like wtf.

I know it's £100 difference but I think I'd rather get the A52 5G over this . IP rated. 120Hz. OIS on rear camera, 3 year OS updates and 4 year security. Micro SD card slot. Super AMOLED

Only downside to the A52 5G is 15W ' fast charger' included but phone supports up to 25W and One UI is nowhere as clean as Oxygen OS

But hey this is Android we're not like cough cough crapple where we're limited to customisation

  • Kapil

Overpriced with only one 5g band, most probably a rebranded device

  • Anonymous

Straight up Oppo Reno5 K rebrand, basically exact same dimensions + weight. Only battery, front camera, and charging speed are slightly different.

Not bad. Needs SD card, faster software updates, and less app killing!

  • Anonymous

Anders, 10 Jun 2021Good that it's brought the jack back, but no micro SD ... moreWay better than overpriced mediocre hardware phone like samsung and pixel.

  • Anonymous

Not sure I‘d prefer this over the Samsung A52. It‘s a tradeoff CPU vs camera. OnePlus has a cleaner OS (though OneUI is nice as well), Samsung has more customer support.

Another realme rebrand?

Good that it's brought the jack back, but no micro SD so it's 💩💩

  • Anonymous

just 1 5g band in IND even poco m3 pro has 12 bands

  • Anonymous

"other markets"- somebody should tell oneplus it's called the middle east

minor improvements over the first nord phone.

  • Oneplus fan

Still rocking the oneplus 3 one of the alimmeat phones at 7.3mm thickness.

  • Woohoo

When will they release their Dim1200 phone? I'm more interested in that.
This seems an OK value tho, but still no OIS!!

would've been perfect with an SD card slot.