ASUS unviels the Padfone 2 in Taiwan ahead of official launch

16 October, 2012
Features a faster processor, higher resolution camera, bigger battery and NFC in a thinner and lighter design.

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  • AnonD-68354

[deleted post]Apart 4m d battery, pretty top range specs! 13 mp cams r now becoming d trend as is 2 GB RAM! Cool, but jst wish 3000 mAh + batteries wud also become d trend as set by Motorola Droids!

  • chris

AnonD-40280, 16 Oct 2012Learn to read: Type Super IPS+ LCD capacitive touchscreen, ... morethe "super" part just means the screen is closer to the touch screen overlay, meaning you get better image qaulity

  • AnonD-68690

nice phone but i hate their gimmicks, sucks

  • AnonD-40280

Anonymous, 16 Oct 2012it actually comes with super amoled NOT IPS+Learn to read:
Type Super IPS+ LCD capacitive touchscreen, 16M colors
Size 720 x 1280 pixels, 4.7 inches (~312 ppi pixel density)

  • Anonymous

How about the keyboard. Will there be one? Is it included?

  • Anonymous

it seems nice.. when you install your phone into the station you have a 3G tablet with its own battery. when you take it out you have your phone + charged from the tablets battery I guess :).

  • AnonD-59657

Why would you want to dock your phone into your tablet PC? This is a big waste of resource!

  • kavi

give us a phone, 16 Oct 2012what's with the 4.7" screen Asus?! I want a phone in my poc... more4" inch max? These are multimedia consumption phones, not fisher price phones! Why not try a 14" inch tv at home, believing that use atleast 25" or tv at home! Asus released smaller phones too, why dont complaint then! I assume that u got this 4" is correct from some closed ui company which advertises with thumb! Wait for another year, they will intro 4.5" screen do some diff marketing campaign for that! Did u really think when that company says 3.5" is perfect size, what about people who believed it so much. The bottom line is, if u dont like a phone, just try to crticize constructively even if u re a fan of other company! Some even said here at forum that side metal looks like apple, just see the pic and comment. Dont be blind!

  • Anonymous

it actually comes with super amoled NOT IPS+

  • Anonymous

Whaaat? No keyboard dock? Ahh now im disapointed.. would have loved to see this running windows 8!

  • UDTQ

AnonD-3664, 16 Oct 2012Any news on when this is available in Europe, UK? Will it be ava... moreThe Padfone 2 will be officially launched later today. Contracts and such will probably take at least a week before operators takes it into account.

  • AnonD-58527

this is great news.

Even Asus knows JB needs 2GB ram quadcore specs to keep it smooth.

another flagship model that will finally crush the single core lumia 900 for good in been lag free

  • AnonD-3664

Any news on when this is available in Europe, UK? Will it be available on contract?

  • @@

it also have IGZO Tech from SHARP.. I'll wait for the bechmark of this phone..

  • XXXtreme

first hd phone who looks premium !!!

  • Karl

PesPlanus, 16 Oct 2012If such a device comes with WP8, I would've bought it as soon as... more You Cant compare wp with open Android!!!!

My Wp is so limited if you compare with Adnroid.

Wp missed so much features.....

  • musicalbox11

I love how they photoshop the presentation pictures of padfone2 and make the top bezel look like it's twice as small than what it looks like in reality - shouldn't it be marked as misleading to customers?

  • musicalbox11

UDTQ, 16 Oct 20124.7" can be incredibly small and user friendly. As long as ... moremy thoughts exactly - dimensions are almost identical to SGSIII. But the screen on the Asus is smaller (4.7 vs 4.8) with even smaller screen estate on it (capacitive buttons takes the space on the screen this time)

Wish it would either be 4.3 inch or have thinner bezel - GSIII is oversized but at least it fits incredible screen in.

  • musicalbox11

Kevin , 16 Oct 2012What a phone? Can 'Poor' IPhone 5 race with? HW wise, S4 Pro SoC (Qualcomm APQ8064) is having twice as powerful CPU as current iPhone 5 offering when run on JB (due to being quad core indeed) and just about the same GPU performance (Andreno 320) when (again) under JB.

iPhone5 is still GPU king, but quadcores will help S4Pro to compete in rendering even though there's much more pixels to be drawn on its screen despite the resolution.

So again, HW wise it beats iPhone5 heavily, software wise...well, Jellybean is like 10 years ahead of iOS for some time already

but if you play games, iPhone is still the best bet if you don't mind smaller screens

  • give us a phone

what's with the 4.7" screen Asus?! I want a phone in my pocket and not a tablet. 4" Max!!!! And slim and weightless that I almost can't feel it.