OnePlus Nord N200 5G specs and renders surface

14 June 2021
If the specs are right, the Nord N200 will offer a substantial upgrade over the Nord N100

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Pathetic sh#t. Plastic this belongs to 2017 damn

  • FB in D

PaidReviewer, 14 Jun 2021I'll not give more than $200 for an ips panel.With the exception of the Motorola Moto G100, I agree.

  • Anonymous

So is this for 2019? Someone give OnePlus a calendar, they forgot what the current mid ranges are now. Even a Xiaomi is better than this.

  • Wereweeb

Wow! Four cameras! And the selfie camera is literally the only one that is usable! Very cool, OnePlus!

I'll not give more than $200 for an ips panel.

abitcuriousabitgeek, 14 Jun 2021The design looks like the phone's a part of Reno serie... moreThis is nothing new. It's since day one when One+ 1 was released in India. But nobody then knew that it is OPPO VIVO sister ( or say brother). In India it gained popularity due to its flagship killer hype.

Just when I thought they stopped using dual 2 mp camera sensors...

  • Anonymous

Modified realme phone

Any phone with triple camera setup with macro and depth sensor deserves to be thrown into a fire.

Cool device. Thanks One+

  • Anonymous

that looks like a nice upgrade

  • Anonymous

And no updates. They can keep it.

  • Anonymous

that recycled design from every single oppo phone...

  • Lee

A word of advice OnePlus: please just put one camera on these damned phones. 1 half decent senor and two that are straight from the recycle bin doesn't make the phone any more attractive.

  • Kontlo

Rebrand Oppo A74 5G

  • Anonymous

Why not being the Nord ce to America instead of this ugly bulky junk

The design looks like the phone's a part of Reno series but it isn't. Oppo and Oneplus phones are getting very similar to each other day by day. It's time to merge already, guys. No need to confuse everyone.

Why not have a main and ultra wide, instead of main and 2 useless sensors, like macro, depth or monochrome?

That's actually a nice upgrade over the 720p screen and sd460 on the n100. I wish they went with an ultrawide cam instead of the show-piece couple, but I guess that's the budget phone treatment.