Android 12 Beta 2 can show the duration of the current call in the status bar

14 June 2021
This means the duration of the call is always visible and you can tap on it to get back to the phone app - no need to open the notification shade.

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  • Haania

Good work

  • Mobile reviewer

Mi mobiles already have calling time in status bar

  • Authuman Miiro

My realme c2 does this. it's not new............

Google late to the party again. LG alone has had this feature for what, 8 years now? And how far they are behind and the nonsense of this new design, I don't even know why they bother making phones.

  • Sharif

Rafik, 15 Jun 20214g mobile oppo A7 3gb ram 64gb romBest Android 12beta

  • Rafik

4g mobile oppo A7 3gb ram 64gb rom

  • Lokesh

I want 12 android update Nd battery capacity update sir

Got this feature on my LG device so nothing new or spectacular about it

  • your neighbor

Bruh most of the mi/xiaomi phones had it from 2019

  • the7thTriangle

Mi Dialer app already has this feature.

  • The tech guy

Vivo had it in stone age

  • Ezio

Dotcom23, 14 Jun 2021So this is what they call a new big feature on Android 12? ... moreIt's not about who bring it first, it's about who bring it better. "Think of Apple".

  • Anonymous

  • Tushar

LG has had it for years.

  • Tobby

The feature has already been featured by miui long ago, and even works just by tapping on the icon without opening the notification shade.
We expect some significant updates atleast from Google.

so huawei isn't android? hmmm

  • theocdguy

Isn't it already there in MIUI and Oxygen OS?

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2021Nick liking Huawei... Such a shocker!!! Umm.. I literally use P30 as one of my daily drivers so I know this for a fact.

Are you running out on articles to write?
Write something like review of legion phones...

  • yesh

This feature is already available in MIUI