Samsung Galaxy S22 family display sizes leak, only the Ultra will adopt LTPO

15 June 2021
The Galaxy S22 and S22+ will have smaller displays.

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  • Aboy

and with exynos proc. LOL

S22 ultra a long way to go

  • Anonymous

IBM296, 17 Jun 2021Samsung is being stupid. All three S21 models have LTPO. Wh... moreThey’re cheaping out more and more every year because people will still buy their crap whether it’s made of plastic or explodes.

AnonD-1004713, 16 Jun 2021No more compact phones for me. Battery life is average. Als... moreHmm I have S21 Exynos also, came from Xiaomi Mi 9 with 3300mah 2yrs with me giving me 2-3hrs sot.

My 1month old S21 Exy gives me 5hrs sot with the same usage from Mi 9 + the 120hz. So for me it's fine. But yeah I agree that smaller phones tend to have difficulty with managing thermals. Mine reaches 40c maybe because I live in a hot country so I used GalaxyLabs (Thermal Guardian to -2c the threshold).

Samsung is being stupid. All three S21 models have LTPO. Why should only one of the S21 successors have LTPO and not all of them??

  • Huawei user

iPhone XS user, 15 Jun 2021Just get the iPhone 11 Pro and you're goodBro samsung is better in many ways

AnonD-1004713, 16 Jun 2021No more compact phones for me. Battery life is average. Als... moreRecent flagship-grade Exynos chipsets haven't fair well with battery management. Even last year's Exynos 990 had a serious overheating issue. Apart from the chipset itself, another factor to consider when it comes to battery life is the OS optimization itself. Take the 2020 Sony Xperia 5 Mk2 as an example - that phone has the same 4,000mAh battery, the same screen size, and the same FHD+ screen resolution as the Galaxy S21. But unlike the S21 that has an adaptive screen, the Xperia only has a fixed 120Hz screen refresh rate. But despite that, GSMArena managed to clock up 102 hours of battery endurance rating from the Xperia, which is nine hours more than the S21. Same battery, same screen size and resolution, and yet different result. It does show that software optimization is a big key role for battery life.

  • AnonD-1004713

YUKI93, 15 Jun 2021If Samsung can make the base vanilla variant a compact just... moreNo more compact phones for me. Battery life is average. Also, because of the cramped size, the heat dissipation is worse than on the bigger models.
Sadly, I realized that on my own, with my latest Galaxy S21 (Exynos variant). I thought things will be better now (having a 4000mah), but also the components and latest features require more power nowadays. Basically, the Galaxy S21 had similar battery life, like my Galaxy S9+ had back in the day (even though that one had 3500mah battery). In translation, not very good.

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2021Samsung forces you buy the Ultra. Like Apple forces you to ... moreevery company does it..! even one plus

  • Anonymous

When Sony Xperia is giving oled screens to all Samsung is still giving oled only to flagships..and they call Sony Xperia is bad compared to Samsung 😂😂😂

  • Shankar

Really good

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2021Worse leaked ever Even S21 didn't use LTPO display (Am... moreDifference?

  • Anonymous

Samsung forces you buy the Ultra. Like Apple forces you to buy Pro Max.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Jun 2021Looks like the s22 ultra will be more compact finally they’re still the same size. the S21U is 6.8”

If Samsung can make the base vanilla variant a compact just like the 2019 S10e, that would be great. The ASUS Zenfone 8 is basically a spiritual successor of the S10e to me. The dimensions and the screen size of the ASUS phone are just about right. Let the Ultra embrace a giant screen while the base keeps it compact and the middle variant a balance between compact and the giant at around 6.4" or 6.5". That would be a solid lineup.

  • LifesGood

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2021Because when they did (S10e) sales were not good. I want a ... moreI don't want a compact phone, I want a reasonable sized one, which s21 is. The phones like ULTRA, 1+ PRO,...they are all great but too big in my opinion. I still own my LG G3 after six years and I really think it's the best form factor, just as the day I bought it and faced ridicule of my friends how big it is LUL. Maybe the problem of bad sales is marketing which is all about ULTRA and the strategy that all the latest and greatest features are reserved for top dog. Just look at the sales of iPhones. 12 is doing better than Pro and max. Their lineup is almost the same, except a telephoto which nobody needs TBH and lidar. All the phones are of the same design, same materials, same specs... I'm really considering grabbing the new iphone and try it out for a year. It holds the value and if I don't like it I can easily sell it next year and get s24 if it gets UPC. I was holding on to my G3 to skip the dreaded notch/punch hole, but the hole won LMFAO

shame on samsung, what a joke

  • iPhone XS user

M3S4, 15 Jun 2021The problem is compact flagship don't offer the best c... moreSamsung has started adopted shady business practices

  • iPhone XS user

John, 15 Jun 2021Will the screens be 1080p? If so my next phone won't b... moreJust get the iPhone 11 Pro and you're good

HITMAN, 15 Jun 2021Samsung is doing good with its flagships , but they are not... moreThe A52 and A72 models do use Snapdragon processors, is that not midrange?