OnePlus Nord N200 5G pops up on Geekbench

15 June 2021
The company CEO has confirmed it's coming soon and will be exclusive to the US and Canada.

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  • Anonymous

Just 4 gigs of ram? Lmao, less than 2016 oneplus 3. The company is dead, now they are making phones with planned obsolescence in mind.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Jun 2021Why make this. Just release Nord ce in NA for $399 and peop... moreHuh, how is it hideous? All phones look exactly the same these days.

  • phoneanonymous

What's happening with Oneplus ?

  • Lord Android

Oneplus isn't heading in the right direction

  • Anonymous

Why make this. Just release Nord ce in NA for $399 and people will buy it instead of this hideous junk for $199

  • Billa

Upcoming months samsung will give better mobiles.

Looks like one of those oppo reno phones. Oneplus has gone full into budget phones 😁 competition is tough in flagship territory with OnePlus new policy of midiocure update policy of half baked bugy updates with battery drain and overheating issues. Seems like planned obsolescence to me

  • Anonymous

double the single core score of the predecessor. nice

  • Anonymous

Less than half the score of the SD888.

We have new samsung on the block. New phone after new phone with confusing names.

After a year, people will not know which phone is what due to confusing names. Hahaha.