Only Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra will get glass back, Plus and vanilla to get plastic

15 June 2021
Samsung will employ an all-new back processing design.

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  • Gog Man

Good Bye Samsung!!
I will stick with my S21plus for 2 years and then we will see

  • Anonymous

samsung definitely scammed so many people...
a flagship is supposed to be a flagship, premium build (glass back and metal or anything premium frame) and flagship chipsets.

i don't get the point of their campaign to remove chargers aswell.
it's like they're just being clowns on their own.

they scammed people on their chipsets, build quality and now chargers.
maybe even after s22 ultra they'll put plastic frame and plastic back on the ultra model and say they are "saving the planet".

This is straight up BS, the Plus version was already unnecessary, but with this downgrade it's obsolete.

  • Anonymous

Like it matters as the buyers will all cover them with ugly cases.