Samsung Galaxy Y receives a minor software update

17 October, 2012
The update is merely 1.5MB in size and brings better stability and improved screen response.

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  • Anonymous

Update my software

  • akash

galaxy y update jelly bean its perfect working or not

  • elahi

i install new jelly bean android software in my mobile but it not look like my previous os if i go update option it shows no updates available pls fix this

  • sahej

please send update for galaxy y

  • shashi b gupta

please send the updates for galaxy y 5360

  • ashish

hi everyone i dont know whats wrong with my galaxy y ,it is working very slowly, I've taken it to the samsung service center 2 times, they updated the software. It worked fine for sometimes but whenever i install a single app it again becomes slow.
The apps which r running smoothly in my friends galaxy y , is either freezes or force closed in my phone.
Internet speed is too slow even i have airtel sim in my phone.

Please someone help me, what do i do.

  • nayak

please send updates for galaxy y

  • man for you


  • AnonD-114542

icon is not frant wokr nottikofishan icon softwear instal plz. rply me

  • Abdullah

sandy, 03 Jan 2013can galaxy y supports android version4.1Software update for mg galaxy y

  • harjot

HOTSHOT, 16 Nov 2012just got the update OTA for philippine galaxy y users, from S536... morebrother how u do it tell me this is my gmail id send me email plzzzzzzzzzz

  • harjot

faizaljimsalleh, 04 Nov 2012hi everyone i dont know whats wrong with my galaxy y ,when someo... morehello user if u can problem in your galaxy y first if u have gurantee card u go to shopkeeper from where u buy and change it if he no change go to consumer court for complaint otherwise go to samsung company where is located in u r s area and gave u r phone to repair
i think in u r galaxy y mic problem so if u r handset is opend for repair sometime never workss properly and set get no work it might be shortcut in handset and it blast some cases are held in india

  • harjot

akash how u did 4.0.6 tell me bro

  • sandy

can galaxy y supports android version4.1

  • akshay

I updated my Samsung galaxy y to 4.0.6 aura

  • pawan

Will galaxy y get OS update..such as honeycomb or 4.0...from samsung..??????

  • yy66

Ayush, 06 Dec 2012I just got an update. and it changed my baseband version from S5... moreu6788

  • AnonD-67145

I also got update in India. It changes DDLF1 to DDLK1.