Lenovo K13 Note and K13 Pro spotted on Google Play Console

16 June 2021
These are expected to be rebrands of the Moto G series.

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  • Anonymous

If any lenovo phone does not beat "vibe k5 plus" in specs (and double if everything) for similar price (₹7600) , not interested.

Lenovo should stick to their main business instead of making crap phones

  • lopjas

k13 mini sd480 smaller screen love it

  • Anonymous

Bharath, 16 Jun 2021Its better not to launchNew Motorola GXX phones are unavailable in some regions so we have choice betwwen PWM OLED phones and high refresh phones with MIUI.
Those rebrands are more than welcomed.

  • Bharath

Its better not to launch

  • Zero

Sorry to say this... but the "Pro" variant is far worse than the standard one. Even worse, it does not have 5G!

Has any label been so abused as "Pro"?
Anything with a tiny upgrade has it tacked on these days, there's nothing Pro about this phone.

Anonymous, 16 Jun 2021smh why is every lenovo launched past K8 note has downgrade... moreI agree, but that is not the case with all
The k10 note was the best of all
With sd710 Fhd res. Type c
But the k13 series is disappointing

  • Anonymous

Only Lenovo laptops are great.

  • Anonymous

smh why is every lenovo launched past K8 note has downgrades, 9 has 10w type c over 18w micro USB and the 13 isn't even FHD