Samsung Galaxy M32 unboxing video posted ahead of announcement

16 June 2021
It's hardly the first - or even the biggest - leak that this phone has experienced over the last few days. It will be officially unveiled on Monday.

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  • Indogamet262

Woo, 17 Jun 2021M32 is serious downgrade compared to M31syes

Atleast have some good reviewer.... Who knows how to present the video..

That's a fake unboxing video, that channel is known for fake unboxings and gameplay videos, atleast do some research before posting about something

  • Woo

M32 is serious downgrade compared to M31s

  • Anonymous

Samsung will never give what users actually want. I used so many samsung phones and all were crap. Even in mid range phones, they are pushing auto installs of third party apps. It is disgusting. Right now I'm using Samsung A30s and it is still on Android 10. We need Android 11.

  • Hrishi

This is a fake video guys, this channel is well known for making these types of forged videos before device launch. The device shown is most probably Galaxy M42 5G.

Another re exercise waste dump 5G time 4G device true floop

  • Anonymous

Another re exercise waste dump

They could have used dimensity 800u for this phone and make a record breaking battery life

  • Anonymous

Downgrade from m31s or m31 ,exynos 9611 was better and had ufs 2.1 storage,4k video support
Actually now scamsung is just rebranding A series

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021Is it India only or global as well? Asia and Europe

  • Anonymous

Is it India only or global as well?

G80 when there's a ton of phones released with G85 and P95 already.

  • Marigo

Looks like a fake video. Also the editor didnt pay attention to boot logo and animation which is clearly misleading. Please bring down this post. Its a fake video.

  • Anek

Fake unboxing, it is not real M32