Xiaomi sets up Pioneer Team to polish MIUI experience

17 June 2021
A new MIUI Pioneer Team has been tasked with fixing inconsistencies.

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  • 124MD TheGamer

Xiaomi should give Premium Look to its UI
Remove ads
Remove animation
Don't remove any kind of feature

  • Sl

I just purchased a brand new Redmi 9 three days back and I have a feeling that the battery is draining fast

  • Anonymous

I bought MI10 one year before and the initial experience was really horrible....brand new phonw was hanging due to GOOGLE LLC dialer.....I complained feorm MI care to top management, all were clue less....I don't know how testing carried out before final launch of a HS. Living with that only as no other option left.....

Let's hope that will mean significant improvements for MIUI 13, they are on a good track but even more refinements would be great.

  • Papa

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021BuT iT's AlReAdY sMoOtH -Xiaomi FanboisNice joke

Android-Authority, 18 Jun 2021And why would I get an inferior flagship in the S21 Ultra w... morewoah woah that's savage bruh!

PLEASE! I have used Redmi Note 8 Pro and currently using Redmi Note 9s and I swear it just feels so heavy despite Xiaomi saying that the UI has been optimized. A budget phone from realme even feels smoother than these phones, sometimes.

  • Anonymous

About time. MemeUI needs an overhaul. It is most obese UI of all, got fat by consuming junks over the year with apparently a constipated belly that the fanbois( literally 14 yo mobile gamers, who donot care about any other things in their smartphones) think to be useful but honestly its all crap by todays standards. Your hardware is nothing but bullcrap if the software experience gives migrain.

I've had trouble with notification sounds not working in Redmi Note 5 AI Dual Camera. Notification sounds for chats and messages from Whatsapp, LINE, Telegram, and whatnot, including Messages app, don't work. So if there's a chat coming in, the phone doesn't emit any sound. This is despite I have configured all notification settings, including for sound, have turned off MIUI optimization, have set the apps as start from running. Still nothing. Though, thankfully, the phone still rings when a call is incoming.

I have searched for solutions across the internet, and while there are many people who have the same problem like me, only few solutions are offered, and they have been tried and yet they still don't work. It's just jarring that a phone doesn't deliver perfectly in a basic function: communication.

Considering that call rings work and media sounds are fine, I suspect it's a MIUI bug, not hardware.

Nowadays it's one of my reservation for buying any Xiaomi phone again. I could manage by the notification LED, and checking the phone some every now and then. But I replaced it with A52 some months ago, and notification works wonderfully as it should.

Not sure if I would buy Xiaomi phones again. Yes, it's undeniable that Xiaomi offers the best and virtually unbeatable hardware-to-value (e.g. SD 860 at $300), but its software rather disappoints. Yes, some folks might say, "if you dislike MIUI just unlock the bootloader and install custom ROM," but I think it's quite an inconvenience that shouldn't arise in the first place. It should be good to go when from the get-go, shouldn't there be any need to tinker around first. Not everyone are willing to undergo the steps of UB and installing custom ROM, especially if it's a daily driver.

That said, I hope they can do better and improve things, if they want to up their game more. Great hardware should come with great software too.

Anonymous, 17 Jun 2021I wouldn't say as hell. As the budget, midrange and up... moreAnd why would I get an inferior flagship in the S21 Ultra when a better mi 11 Ultra is already available. I don't know what bugs you are talking about. Have you even used the phone?
Have you used an Mi flagship from 2021? Plz dont base your experience of Mi flagship based on some budget flagship you bought 3-4 years back.
I have been a Samsung user exclusively for all my life. I bought the S21 Ultra, wasn't happy with it, didn't feel worth the 1250 Euros, returned it and bought the MI 11 Ultra after it launched, no regrets, only bugs that exist on miui 12.5 are the ones in your head.

  • SYS

Yesman, 17 Jun 2021I guess it's because usually Chinese phones are made w... moreWow yeah makes sense to me.

  • SYS

ericwang, 17 Jun 2021Because China ban the google,so no GMS in Chinese phone(at ... moreWhat i did say is pure about the looks (the UI), its absolutely nothing to do with GMS.

  • EJ xia

I just bought redmi note 10 a week ago, it's good to use co it's very smooth but when I installed messenger it said no internet connection when my WiFi is very stable. One time my messages on messenger opened but I couldn't see pictures or videos & it's very dark when I did video call.. then I uninstalled my messenger hoping that it will be okay when I install it again, but so frustrating, it became worst.. I can't see my messages on my messenger anymore ...plz help me how it.

  • AnonD-1004713

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2021And you are continuing to hate on Xiaomi in every article. ... moreYet here you are, an anonymous account, asking arena to ban every person who says something bad about Xiaomi.
But you do the same thing on every article that isn't pro Xiaomi (Samsung, Sony, Apple, Realme, you name it).
Truth hurts but, grow up and learn to respect other people's opinion.

  • Doffy

Anonymous, 18 Jun 2021Wow you haters are hilarious. You guys judge miui based on... moreThis is my first time using mi .I brought mi10 few months back and i can't count bugs on software lol. This is not hate its the fact.

  • Doffy

AnonD-1004713, 17 Jun 2021No, majority of people that buy Xiaomi phones buy them for ... moreThis is my first time buying mi phone and hardware looked good for price so i bought but software is too bad.

  • Arafat

Recently MIUI Chinese version had blocked Google. Xiaomi should understand thousands of users use Xiaomi outside China and we are foreigners. I had to change MIUI Chinese to Global to be able to use my existing phone after updating MIUI 12.5.1. This is a nonsense decision by Xiaomi. You may such changes with new handsets, but not with the existing users.
Do some consumer study as well before take such decision please.

  • longtimeMIUIuser

i have used MIUI since the mi 3 flagship phone back in....god knows how long that was. While I have enjoyed the extra features that MIUI had always offered, these later past few releases have all been intrusive to personal privacy. Ads (cleverly disguised as Suggestions) were scattered all over the OS and built-in apps. Even on the EU version, these Ads (Suggestions) were not easily removed. The toggle to disable them are scattered all over the place, and seemingly hidden inconsistently within layers of menu/settings on each individual app. This raised a big alarm to me personally, because it means MIUI is now trying very hard to mine user data and intrude on our privacy. Some built-in apps straight-up refuse to run if we do not agree to enable data collection (yes, I read the user Agreements). For tech savvy people, we will always try to disable as much of these Ads/Suggestions as possible before starting to use a xiaomi phone, but what about our loved ones? our parents? our granparents? They are not savvy and will usually fall prey to xiaomi/MIUI's data mining. This is why I would NEVER recommend/buy a xiaomi phone to anyone besides myself in the family, because I know they are regular users and will be too confused to do anything about MIUI's data mining.

  • Rdxoo3

They focus only miui but in android update. Till I didn't get Android 11 in my xiaomi smartphone

  • NY Yankee

CompactLover, 17 Jun 2021MIUI 12.5 is a huge letdown on battery department. overheat... moreLol stop lying.
Miui 12.5 is the single greatest update in decade long history of MIUI.
It's turned it into the best ui on the planet right now considering the fact that oxygen OS is morphing into color OS.