Weekly poll: is the Honor 50 series the start of something great?

20 June 2021
Honor is back, back into the Google Play Store that is, and it brought Snapdragon and Dimensity chipsets. Would you like one?

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The Honor 50 Pro sounds like a good choice among the trio because of the front ultrawide camera, but the specs don't make me want to buy one. I'm okay with the SD 778G chipset, but the absence of OIS on the main camera and the microSD card support alongside rather low ultrawide camera resolution is a hard buy. It suddenly makes last year's Honor 30 Pro and Honor 30 Pro+ a good buy despite the absence of Google Mobile Services.

Honor 50 pro is overpriced tho. Atleast put 12mp ultra wide and even a 8mo 2x/3x tele can do it. Also increase the price to 500 euro and add on sd 870.honor 50 is great value for money. Honor 50 se ain't no bad either way if u want to test how good dimensity 900 is.

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021no interest in huawei outside china... they are doomed....Huawei does not own honor officially anymore. They sold honor and honor 50 series going to be their first phone they made without being under huawei umbrella tho

How are people even voting for the Pro version?

Its meaningless at its price point.

Vanilla Honor 50 is way better than Honor 50 Pro

No headphone jack - no buy. Besides, I've gotten myself A52 which is good enough for the nearby future (till mid-range phones get QHD and even better cameras, or till I can get that Sharp phone with 1-inch camera and headphone jack).

  • Wereweeb

hmm, 20 Jun 2021Whats there to worry about it ? Now think about how long yo... more... you don't understand how lithium-ion batteries work lol. Don't comment on what you don't understand, and especially don't project your lack of knowledge onto others.

Sadly, no.

Miss my old Honor 8 Pro days. Thats a true flagship killer.

  • Wereweeb

Will they support custom ROM's? Huawei didn't, and that crossed them off my list. MicroSD upgradeable storage would also be good.

Honour likely can't compete based on price against BBK and Xiaomi, so they better give us some nice things that we all know don't cost them anything.

  • Anonymous

Demongornot, 20 Jun 2021It literally contains all the worst things and avoid all th... moreThere's really nothing all that wrong about most of the things you mentioned, except for the small battery. How is ultrasonic fingerprint reader better than optical? Optical is both faster and more accurate.

  • Anonymous

Honor is independent company from huawei just like poco independent from xiaomi lol

It literally contains all the worst things and avoid all the good ones :
*Pill shaped punch hole.
*Curved edge display.
*Optical rather than ultrasonic UnderDisplay FingerPrint Scanner.
*Asymmetrical and thick ugly camera bump.
*Small battery (fast charging is NOT an excuse for smaller battery).
*2Mp Macro or 2MP Macro + Depth useless cameras.
*Sub 12Mp Ultra-Wide sensor.
*No Telephoto.
*No Gorilla Glass.
*No 3.5mm Jack.
*No MicroSD card slot.
*No 3D face recognition, even despite the pill shaped punch hole.
*No OIS.
*No IR.
*No Wi-Fi 6E.

I'd pay two or three times its cost for having all this fixed, though except the new gen SoC giving few upgrades like Bluetooth 5.2 and other new instructions, and the linear vibration motor, it doesn't have a single point that I would prefer over my Poco F2 Pro.

The ONLY things it has for itself is the linear vibration motor and the not bad main camera, otherwise it represents perfectly the current phone market, which isn't a compliment.

  • gringo

they should allow unlocking the bootloader like other oem !

  • Anonymous

I was waiting for SD 888 + IMX800 1" Sensor..but lazy Honor didn't want to

I'll welcome Honor back as a brand. However they gotta balance their specs out. Charging, screen, and design is nice however the camera setup is kinda lacking and the curved screen probably just adds to the price.

  • Slik

hmm, 20 Jun 2021Whats there to worry about it ? Now think about how long yo... moreu misunderstood bro, m worried about low battery life, not charging speed and all, i loved fast chargers, i am planning to buy honor 50 pro, but only 4000 mah battery is smaller for 6.78 inch and 120hz refresh rate.

Yeah this is good because I know honor works hard for their optimizations but would only consider it buying if it have more 2-3 5 bands

  • Anonymous

Let's see if Huawei(Honor) can prove its image, since
Huawei /Apple are seen as premium brands in China.

Some Chinese bloggers said Honor 50 pro is very optimised and performed at the same level with SD888 phones and even surpassed some and battery life is good....Its 6nm phone... I can buy the pro but it lack IR blaster and No stereo speaker.... its not deal breaker for me... Its Top quality hardware and performance that matter to me.... I will like to try the Pro model..


They wasted money for making 2 phones with similar specs ... so disappointed...,

  • Anonymous

no interest in huawei outside china... they are doomed....