Weekly poll: is the Honor 50 series the start of something great?

20 June 2021
Honor is back, back into the Google Play Store that is, and it brought Snapdragon and Dimensity chipsets. Would you like one?

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Honor 50 has the best value for money

  • really high price

no stereo speakers with high price gg

  • AnonD-986036

Not really. Mi 11 is better in China at the same price at least in china. In europe, i don't have the official honor price yet

  • hmm

Slik, 20 Jun 2021M worried about battery life. Whats there to worry about it ? Now think about how long you use 1 phone in average! 2-3 years then change to new one ? If you use 3 years then what will be the problem ?

I have 18W fast charging phone that is over 3 years old and have lost only 16% of capacity and i charge it like from 10-15% to 100. Sometime i leave it over night to charge with fast charging and so on and my phone is a budge under 200 euro phone.

It's only internet dumb user myth this degrading battery with fast charging. Never mind that a lot dont even use there phone over 2-3 years before they get new one.

Even back in the day with button phones battery didnt last much over 3 years and you needed to get new battery. Now that we have larger batteries and larger phones that consume a lot more electricity they still last pretty long time. And it's not like your forced to use 66W to 100W chargers for your phone. You can charge them with something 30W charger too if you want to

  • Anonymous

They never took off even way before the US ban.

  • Slik

M worried about battery life.

I hope so.