Our Samsung Galaxy A32 5G video review is out

18 June 2021
The 5G model gets a better chipset but loses out in the display and camera departments.

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  • pradeep
  • 6kA
  • 11 Jul 2021

Is A32 is mounted with LED screen or LCD screen

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    • Shoeb
    • rKp
    • 01 Jul 2021

    On which date A32 5G launched on market gor sale

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      • Anonymous
      • Cxn
      • 20 Jun 2021

      Anonymous, 20 Jun 2021IMHO this looks like much better looking phone than those s... moreHow thick do you want your phone? Those camera islands aren't an aesthetic choice but a practical one to meet optical requirements. If they can't reduce the thickness of the camera module, then the only remaining option is to thicken the rest of the device.

      On the bright side battery life would likely increase.

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        • Anonymous
        • Su8
        • 20 Jun 2021

        IMHO this looks like much better looking phone than those suposedly flagships with their ridiculously big and heavy protruding camera-islands. Well done Samsung. Now use this same understated beauty with your next flagship!

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          • Aijaz khan
          • uZa
          • 20 Jun 2021

          Absolutely fine in using .A latest version with best screen 😍.

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            • mrnyjet
            • IbI
            • 19 Jun 2021

            problem with samsung isn't the chip or the panel.

            it is the ton of crapware bloat apps they install which you can not uninstall. even if you try to disable them, they rise from the grave like zombies, eating up your ram, rom, battery, and data.

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              • Bobby
              • fj%
              • 19 Jun 2021

              Still prefer the 4g version