Samsung Galaxy F42 5G seems to be a rebranded Galaxy A22 5G

18 June 2021
The phone has received a Bluetooth certification that hints at the naming shenanigans.

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  • Marton White

redmi5a, 19 Jun 2021Xiaomi: Redmi Note 9 India is actually the Redmi 9A Global.... moreIt is actually Redmi 9C that is the global variant of the Redmi 9 from india

  • Duryodhan

Samsung has no good considerable options in the budget and mid range segment. Still using plastic build, with glued battery. No performance oriented phones in the mid range. It is not offering newer chips. At least Samsung should use pull tapes in the battery if they really care about sustainability like how Samsung first mocked Apple for removing the charger and accessories but later followed Apple. I used a ton of Samsung budget and mid range phones this month and there were nothing unique about them which prompted me to sell them off. I think it's time to switch to other brands which offer good hardware, although may not provide a good UI experience.

  • Anonymous

If samsung doesnt follow chinese strategy it will get doomed like lg,sony,htc,etc...
Simply flood the market with rebranded phones

  • Anonymous

The shitty oem design, when Samsung could use its older S10 alignments

Xiaomi: Redmi Note 9 India is actually the Redmi 9A Global.

Samsung: Hold my beer.

(A few months later)

F42 5G is actually the A22 5G.